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Installation issues / Install no good after reboot
« on: September 04, 2007, 03:56:08 pm »
For the second try in so many days the reboot leads to my TV going blue after X starts, no ssh, no ctrl+alt+F1/2/3/4/5/6 and most annoying of all no error to be found.

I do the usual install Kubuntu, reboot, stuff LinuxMCE CD1 in, run the .deb, let it go through CD1/2 and Kubuntu reboot and the box beeps at me a couple times, then looks like it stalls at where you would login before X then beeps at my some more, and the TV goes blue.

Nvidia AGP 512mb 5700LE s-video out
1gig ram
20gig hd (os), 160gig hd (storage)
2.8ghz P4
Audigy PCI sound card
Haupauge PVR-150 Capture card (with the cable TV connector snapped off)

The install of Kubuntu works great via the TV, I have had Ubuntu Feisty installed on there acting as a kind of media computer while I tried to figure out MythTV or Freevo (both never worked). My 2 year old makes using the keyboard and mouse impossible.

I am attempting to download the DVD iso now as to maybe the box will be happier with a solid plain 1 disc install.

I would present some error logs, but there is no way I can get in my box outside of a live cd but it is just too late at night for that right now and it will be some time tomorrow after noon before I get home to work on the box anymore.

Any ideas, help and suggestions appreciated,

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