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Users / XvmcusesTestures/AllowGLXWithComposite/RenderAccel
« on: June 03, 2007, 02:19:48 am »

I have manage to get linuxmce working with UI2 with masking. But I have a problem. Every time I start linuxmce I get this message saying I need to install XvmcusesTestures, AllowGLXWithComposite and RenderAccel. If I say yes it does some config and it asks me to reboot. When I reboot kubuntu, the graphics are fuck up and wont load. I dont get to the point of kubuntu asking for my user and pasword. Tried to recover with help from the guys at yahoo messenger but no luck. I had to reinstall.

The thing is that everytime I start linuxmce that message appears, and I have to say no everytime. Also I think there are some graphics not appearing as they should, so I guess I still have a some kind of problem. Does anyone knows what that is and if I can config it on my own?

I have read in another post here that to run UI2 with alpha blending you need composite to be enabled. Ill try that tomorrow.




I have installed linuxmce 1.1 BETA1 succesfully but when I am configuring it I havent figure out how to configure my usb dvb-t stick. Its an AverMedia AverTV DVB-T Volar. What I did was to go to the pluto admin web page and in the media director in the hybrid-core (where I have the usb dvb-t) I see a list down with pvr cards, but the AverMedia isnt there. So how do I use my card?


PD: Forgot to say that I have it working in Mythtv in the same computer in my Ubuntu partition and that Kubuntu detects it fine.

Users / USB z-wave
« on: May 19, 2007, 08:44:27 pm »

I am having a lot of trouble finding a z-wave usb adapter in Barcelona, where I live. I found in the web a US shop that will send it to me. They have the model ZCU000 - Zwave USB Interface ( Does anybody knows if it works with linux or linuxmce?

If someone can also point me to a z-wave web or normal shop in the Uk or any other part of Europe I apreciate. Obviously a shop in Spain would be great but its going to be hard. Sometimes I feel like Spain is some kind of undeveloped country. We are allways the last ones to get things in Europe. Anyway, any help much apreciated.


Users / z-wave usb bundle for linux and linuxmce
« on: April 23, 2007, 09:55:29 pm »
Basically, I want to know a z-wave usb dongle that works with linux and linuxmce.

Also, I live in Barcelona, so anyone knows where to buy or where to ask information near would be apreciated. / Soy de Barcelona, si alguien sabe de algĂșn sitio cercano donde vendan o puedan informarme sobre z-wave que avise.



Developers / Voice control suggestions
« on: April 21, 2007, 05:30:16 pm »

I am going to start working on a voice control system based on speech recognition for linuxmce. I have a basic and clear idea of how I want the system to behave but I am open to suggestions. I am going to explain my idea so you can critice or add to it. Any idea is welcome. Also, if anyone wants to collaborate is welcome as well.

Basically the system will have two ways to interact. One through the menu and the other by direct order.

Menu: Basically you say menu and the menu displays just like if you were using a mouse. Then you can say another option from the menu and that submenu will open, and so on until an action from a menu is chosen. You can go back by saying back.

Direct order: Basically a list of orders will be stored with the sentence that activates it and the action or actions to be done. It should be totally configurable by the user, letting you change any order. Also, it should work with templates, being able to export your actual configuration, download "popular" order templates from the internet, and so on. Once in your system the template should be totally reconfigurable.

There are two issues here. There should be room to let the system "understand" numbers and maybe for the future understand dates and hours. Something like "Turn off the tv in %time" where %time would be a number of minutes or hours.

Also the system should recognize and alert to the user for incompatible orders. For example, you configure the sentence "switch on" to turn on the lights and you configure the sentence "switch on tv" to turn on the tv. That can cause problems because when you say "switch on tv" the system could understand that you said "switch on" and turn on the lights. I dont know if it will be for the first version, but I want the system to alert the user for this.

The area where I have more doubts on how the system should behave is where you have to select a movie or a song from a large list. I am waiting to use more the system to decide how is the best way to do it.

Ok. So basically this is it. If anyone has any idea on how to improve this model or has any experience with a voice control system and wants to give his/her opinion is welcome.


Users / Media director memory for network boot
« on: April 03, 2007, 04:59:45 pm »
I am planning to use a computer for media director (that is the pc that will be on the living room and will depen from the core/server). I want to have it without hard drive so its more silent. So the question is: the minimum RAM memory needed for a correct function using network boot? Will 512Mb be allright? 256 is enough?



Users / cheapest frontend?
« on: April 03, 2007, 12:23:46 pm »

I am looking for the cheapest way of getting a frontend system for my lounge and my room while leaving the server with the noisy hard drive in another room.

I know the linksys media player (MS-320) runs linux, but I guess it wont be powerful enough to run linux mce frontend. Anyone know whats the cheapest hardware solution for runing a linuxmce frontend? (not too noisy as well).


Installation issues / HAL error
« on: March 26, 2007, 08:00:10 pm »
I installed Ubuntu and everything was working fine. I then installed linuxmce but told the system to start on ubuntu (and start lmce from there).

There was a lot of file missing and errors in the installation process but it got done. Now when Ubuntu loads it appears a dialogue box that sais "HAL error" and when I scroll down it doesnt go smoothly.

I guess its something graphic. Can anyone help?


Users / AMD64
« on: March 25, 2007, 07:58:47 am »
I have tried to install linuxmce now that the download page is up and running, and it keeps on saying only 386i. Are the amd64 users out of linuxmce? Is there any amd64 support planned for the future?

If I install linuxmce core in a intel computer will I be able to run the front-end from my amd64? Or even that way it is imposible?



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