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I have this same issue.  It is preceded by something about starting up videoLAN for me.

ok, I found this topic:

which seems to be someone experiencing a similar issue with the onscreen orbiter, but then the thread diverges a bit.  In using the onscreen orbiter as my sole interface am I SOL in terms of the full linuxMCE experience or can I do everything with the onscreen orbiter that I could do with a separate orbiter?  If there are keyboard shortcuts associated with various controls for the video player, etc, please point me in the right direction.  I saw some keyboard shortcuts on the web admin page, but couldn't figure out what all the numbers meant...


Hello All,

This is my first post and first installation with linuxMCE.  I've finally got a working copy of 810b2 installed (via DVD) on a hybrid after a lot of pitfalls by following instructions on the wiki (which seems to have a lot of outdated information), and searching through the forums to fill in the holes.  I've noticed several things that are still not quite right like menu popup misalignment, multichannel analog not using rear surround sound speakers (4.1), among others, so I still have a ways to go. 

The most frustrating thing that I can't seem to find any information on in the wiki/forums is the seemingly featureless video player that I am using to play DVDs.  I installed the libdvdcss2 and w32codecs packages which enabled dvd playback, but the default player seems to be wholly lacking in features and I'm wondering if something is wrong.  Instead of something like this:

with controls, all I get when I play a dvd are "mute" and "play/pause" buttons and a cross-hair style cursor.  I am not using an orbiter, so I am relying on the on-screen controls (my single hybrid has the video out connected to a projector and i control everything with keyboard and mouse), so this is extremely inadequate.  Maybe with an external orbiter there are more controls.  If I hit F1 there are some context menu buttons like "off", "menu", and if I hit the pause button with my mouse there some HUD info appears, like a timeline and play speed, but I am not able to click on fast forward or rewind or control the stream in any way.  Is this something particular to my install or is this what the new version is supposed to look like and the on-screen orbiter controls are this lacking?  I'm trying to install videoLAN via the admin page, but is there any other way to easily get another player in there?  I saw some posts about mplayer, but not one that explains how to get it in there.

Also, when it was just the kubuntu without LinuxMCE, I could fire up mplayer and play DVDs and control everything with no problems, but if I am in the orbiter and select the KDE desktop and try to play a DVD the video comes in fine, but the sound seems to never pump through.  So now I'm stuck with no controls or no audio...

If anyone has experienced this or knows how to fix my problem I would be most grateful.  I gave up on trying to fix it tonight and just ripped the video cable out of the hybrid and plugged it into a laptop to play a movie...


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