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Users / Re: Security mode not working properly !
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:42:44 am »
In order to send security events directly to the motion camera, and to get a picture from it, you'll have to relate the motion camera to itself in the Device_Device_Related table.
By ex:
 Le's say that your MotionCameraID is 77, you'll have to add this as FK_Device and FK_Device_Related in the Device_Device_Related table.

>mysql -u root
>use pluto_main
>INSERT INTO Device_Device_Related (FK_Device, FK_Device_Related) VALUES ($MotionCameraID, $MotionCameraID);

In your case you'll have to substitute the $MotionCameraID variable with you MotionCameraID = Device ID - from Web Admin

Installation issues / Re: s/pdif output problem
« on: January 21, 2008, 06:34:20 am »
You'll have to unmute spdif ( IEC958 ) from alsamixer.

Installation issues / Re: 32 bit MD
« on: January 21, 2008, 06:24:52 am »
You can use your MD as a Fiire Station only if you bought it from , because it uses licensed video/audio drivers.
Also you'll need to copy your Fiire Images from the DVD provided by Fiire, if you have your own Core.

Installation issues / Re: 0710 Beta3 i386.iso MD5 check (DVD) issue
« on: January 21, 2008, 03:45:00 am »
In your torrent client, stop your LinuxMCE finished torrent and do a Force Re-check on it then start it again.

Probably you'll have to set your dvd drive region to the one required by yours DVDs.

What version of LinuxMCE have you installed?
Beta3 from CDs, DVD single/dual layer, give more details!

Users / Re: Turning off bluetooth auto detection
« on: November 21, 2007, 05:50:58 am »
How to DISABLE BLUETOOTH Auto discovery ( auto detection )
1.Login in Web Admin
2.Go to Advanced -> Configuration -> Devices
3.Open the CORE/MD where is located your bluetooth device
4.Open DCERouter and click on Orbiter Plugin
5.Check the Ignore check box.

Users / Re: Getting network video files visible
« on: August 18, 2007, 12:14:04 am »
For the shares to be auto detected you must connect the PC with shared on the Internal Network of the LMCE Core.
The PC must have dhcp enabled.
Check in Web Admin -> Advanced -> Configuration -> Unknown Devices if the PC mac address is there, then unlock it and do a Quick Reload Router

Users / Re: Generic Serial Device - (New user)
« on: July 18, 2007, 04:12:09 pm »
Try to contact one of the support guy on yahoo or skype (linuxmce, linuxmce4, linuxmce5). They will help you!

Users / Re: WM5 Orbiter
« on: June 29, 2007, 08:33:38 pm »
1. The CE Orbiter is for XScale, Intel x86 tablet PCs, that use Windows CE.NET.
2. Your PDA uses Windows Mobile 5. The application for your PDA is sent by bluetooth.
  First you should remove your PDA from Web Admin: Advanced -> Configuration -> Devices click on it and from the right frame click Delete this Device, then from the list of Orbiters , or from the Advanced -> Configuration -> Unknown Devices page if you ignored the phone. Then Reload the router.
 ---------How to Add your Windows Mobile phone/pda------------
Step1: Connect the  Bluetooth dongle to the LMCE Core PC.
Step2: Start the bluetooth on your phone/pda and make it discoverable/visible for other devices.
Step3: Wait a few minutes for it to be discovered by LMCE, if it isn't do a Quick Reload Router.
Step4: After LMCE detect its enter the Pass Key: 1234 and accept the file.
Step5: Select the default room and user that will use this phone/pda.
Step6: After the file is fully downloaded on your phone/pda open File Explorer, go to the file (, generally it's downloaded in the root directory. Install the file by clicking on it.
Step7: Quick Reload the router.
Step8: Go to Start -> Programs and run the Pluto Orbiter application.

Note: 1.Depending of your pda/phone you should maximize the program memory and stop the running programs that you don't use. ( start -> Settings -> System -> Memory )
         2.If you want to hurry up the detection process you can run as root from the console: hcitool scan and hcitool inq
         3.The same procedure its for the Symbian 6.0 series Mobile Phones.

Users / Re: mythtv is using all inputs already
« on: June 29, 2007, 07:38:21 pm »
MythTV starts by its own will the recording. Restart the MythTV backend from console or from K-menu ->System Settings or just reboot the PC.

Users / Re: Asterisk and Sipura SPA-2000
« on: June 29, 2007, 07:07:31 pm »
How to add a SIP telephone/ sip to analog phone adapter to LinuxMCE Asterisk

Step1: Open an internet browser. Type in the Address field the ip of your Core
Step2: Login with your LinuxMCE user and password, that you've created in the Video Wizard.
Step3: Go to Wizard -> Devices -> Phones
Step4: Click "Add Device".
          Select "Generic SIP Softphone" from the Device Template and press "Pick Device Template" button.
          New Your new Generic SIp Softphone/ Adapter it's added.
Step5: Configure the LinuxMCE device:
          Change the "Generic SIP softphone" Description with something more appropriate for you.
          Select the room where its situated.
          Select the "PK_FloorplanObjectType" according to your device. This will be the icon how it will appear on the floorplan.

         Note down the "PhoneNumber" that Lmce assigned for your device.

          Enter the desired IP address that you want to be assigned to this devices by the DHCP server according to its MAC address.  You can find the mac address in the phone menu / web page or on the back of the phone / adapter. You can assign a static IP address too.
NOTE: Be sure to assign an IP address from the Internal lan of Your CORE!!!
Step6: Configure your Softphone / Voip Phone / Voip Adapter:
          First you should read the manual to see how you can configure it more easily by Web , from the console, of from the phone keypad etc.
          - Network -
          Set IP to DHCP or Manual. BY dhcp the Ip will be provided automatically by the LMCE dhcp server.
          - Line Setup -
          Set the Username, Password (secret) and phone number with the "PhoneNumber" that appear in the LinuxMCE Web Page.
          Set the SIP Proxy to the internal IP of your LMCE Core PC.
          Set the Codecs to G.711u first and second to G.711a

Step7: Quick Reload and Regen all your Orbiters.

Users / Re: How do I change network card id's?
« on: June 18, 2007, 08:22:15 pm »
How To Change eth1 to eht0 or vice versa:

Step1: Open A console (CTRL+ALT+F2), login with your username and password, get root by typing: sudo su - and your password when asked.
Step2: type at the console nano /etc/iftab
Here you will see this:

# This file assigns persistent names to network interfaces.
# See iftab(5) for syntax.

eth0 mac 00:0e:2e:84:d8:37 arp 1
eth1 mac 00:14:2a:f8:52:ad arp 1

just put eth1 instead of eth0 and vice versa just like this:

# This file assigns persistent names to network interfaces.
# See iftab(5) for syntax.

eth1 mac 00:0e:2e:84:d8:37 arp 1
eth0 mac 00:14:2a:f8:52:ad arp 1

Step3: Save&Close the file ( CTRL+O, CTRL+X)
Step4: Reboot the PC

Now the former eth1 card will be eth0 and eth0 will be eth1.

Users / How To Listen Online Radio With LMCE
« on: June 15, 2007, 10:50:19 pm »
This is a How TO for everyone who wants to listen it's favorite Radio from LMCE:

Step1: Go to Web Admin: by opening an Internet Browser. Type your LMCE CORE ip in the address field.
Step2: Login with your LMCE user and password.
Step3: Go to "Advanced -> Configuration -> Scenarios -> Media Scenarios" and press "Add My Scenario" button.
Step4: Under "Add My Scenario" Type a Description, like 977 Online Radio, check on which entertainment area (room) you want this scenario to appear. And Press SAVE
Step5. Then Click On the Description of the scenario that you've just added.
Step6. "Scenario commands" -> Select "Xine Player [the entertainment area where you want to start playing]" from the "Device:" drop down and "Play Media" from the "Command:" drop-down, then press the "Add" button.
Step7. In the "#59 MediaURL (Special)" field type the url of your online radio station and the port ( like this: ), in the "#29 PK_MediaType (int)" type 6 .
Press the SAVE button and "Test Command" to see if it works.
Step8. DO a Quick Reload & Regen and you'll be able to see on the media menu, or your orbiter, your radio. Click on it and you'll hear it.

PS: to stop It you have to start and stop an onther media, or just create a new scenario that will send the Stop Media to Xine Player.

After you make your account on you have to enable the "IAXSelect the FWD Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX) feature to connect your asterisk server directly to FWD" EXTRA FEATURE, to be able to register with the IAX server of freeworlddialup.

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