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Title: AVWizard on the core
Post by: wierdbeard65 on July 24, 2009, 09:18:04 pm
Hi folks!

Ok, I have FINALLY pressed an old mobo into service and got Kubuntu and MCE (8.10) installed.

Now, the graphics card is old, very old (no idea what it is) but I had to use "legacy" drivers to install Kubuntu. This all worked ok. Trouble is, when AVWizard starts, the screen doesn't display (sync issues, I think). If I start in recovery mode, go to the command line and startx, then it's fine. Within X, if I check, it says I'm 800x600 at 61Hz. How do I fix?

Anyway, this is a dedicated core. I've connected to the web admin interface and created myself an admin user. Do I actually need to run AVwizard on the core? Is there anything that isn't set up? Can I set that up via the web interface / manually? I intend to manage it via Web admin / ssh anyway (run headless most of the time).

Next stop, some MDs  ;)