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Title: is linuxMCE right for me?
Post by: urbanlegend213 on November 19, 2007, 05:47:12 am
well first off, let me tell you what i want to achieve, i want to be able to control my, HVAC, security system(yet to buy), sercurity cameras(again still have to buy),some lighting, and my telephone main target is not to spend upwards of 1500$.

security: i already have a current security system with glass break detectors, smoke alarms, sirens, motion detectors, etc. it needs to be reprogrammed so i think i might aswell just replace it with something more up to date on technology. i want to just replace the main board and not that whole system, but if neccessary i might.

climate: again i already have a functioning system, but i want to just replace my thermostats and nothign else...i have looked into aprilaire, and its still an option but im pretty much set on this (unless i can find something cheaper) omnistat( )

security cameras: not neccesary if the budget doesnt allow, but i want one for the front door, and i want to expand later on to about 6

lights: im not sure at what to look at but this i what ive found so far, z wave lights
( )

telephone: i currently own a panasonic easa-phone key system, which includes the phones, telcom, and the doorbell(which i want to include in the system), i dont know how i would include this but i would like to.

this is what i currently own:

home theater/game room:
hitachi pjtx100 projector
onkyo tx-sr605
xbox 360
HD-DVD/PS3/Blu-ray(depending on black friday sales)
wii(soon to come)
1 sony dvd player
cablevision DVR
sharp 13" lcd tv
in wall speakers

1 Knock off dvd recorder/player
dish network satellite box
panasonic vcr
another cablevision dvr

Master bedroom(mine):
olevia 532i 32" hd lcd tv(with rs232c port)
knock off 5.1 surround sound(will be upgraded to include a new receiver and ipod control later)
normal high def cable box
as well as a computer

i only need high def capability in the masterbedroom, the other tv's(besides the home theater where the core hybrid would be) only need 480p capability, i want to use the cheapest possible method for clients...if someone could give me tips or ideas that would be great, if the 480p clients are cheap enoguh i could possibly add every room in the house, for now though i only need these couple of rooms, thanks alot guys