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Title: QOrbiter freeze / bugfixing
Post by: golgoj4 on November 08, 2012, 04:20:38 am
Sup party people. :) Due to many things being in the cooker at once, I am feature freezing qorbiter for the moment. I really want to take a moment and bug fix a lot of things affecting different folks on some of the non standard android platforms, working out installation, etc.
So lets review what is (or partially working)
Scenario Control
Media Control
AV Playback x86 linux platforms
Alarm toggling
room / user changing
setting alarm mode

I want to get these working rock solid, so I will be mainly looking at fixing these. If you have problems on android, open a ticket so i can track and test against it.

Also, if anyone is going to be in Santa Clara in early December, there is this

And 2 months later we are showing at SCALE in Los Angeles.

Title: Re: QOrbiter freeze / bugfixing
Post by: Techstyle on November 08, 2012, 06:21:44 am
Sounds a little Beta?

So is can you direct people to the correct installation instructions location?