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Media organisation
« on: January 17, 2008, 08:39:09 am »
Maybe it's too early for this request, but since I'm playing around with my Linuxmce now for about 5 weeks and it's still running, I came to the point where I start thinking about some cosmetics...

* Thinking about things like, I want to have the possibility to add pictures of the performers, wich should be shown, when using the search for a performer.

* Because I sometimes us my Lap (XP) wich can only run UI, as an Orbiter, there is the problem, that I've got many genres, wich hide under Video > Options, the "Viewed only" Button.

* I've already read the thread about the wish of many people to have the possibility to create playlists also for Videos, in a more comfortable way, than playing a vid, press file list, adding the next, press file list, adding the next..... and now moving on the orbiter to the first chosen one...

* the detailed view of the video files, where the studio, performers or the synopsis is shown, just cuts of for example the synopsis, if its more than 3 or 4 lines, maybe, it should be scrollable, also the small attributes , if there are more than 9 (only in my case, maybe?) the rest isn't visible.

Maybe some of you could answer, if I'm just dreaming or these could be nice gadgets for more people than me...

greetz augalex
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Media organisation, some additions.
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2008, 12:40:45 am »

two "feature requests" or "ideas" for media browsing:

1.) Being able to use the PC keyboard for typing something in the orbiters (Media Director Onscreen Orbiter or remote PC orbiter) would help a lot, too.

(I am mainly wishing to use a laptop for browsing media and playing it on a media director PC that is connected to my A/V equipment...)

2.) I have some thousands of MP3 audio files, and I hope that the system can be set up to search for and select albums by album artists (ID3-field "BAND"), and for compilations by album title, and omitting the display of artists of single tracks in compilation albums unless I explicitly search for them...

Good examples for browsing large audio libraries are TwonkyVision (shareware UPNP-Server) or MediaMonkey (Windows shareware).