Author Topic: All Zap channels report congestion  (Read 2072 times)


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All Zap channels report congestion
« on: January 23, 2011, 05:39:19 pm »
   As the subject says all the zap channels on my tdm400 card give me a congestion error. I have 2 FXO modules and 2 FXS modules, heres what the Phone Lines -> AMP config looks like:

(if I didnt include a field, that means I left it blank or default)
(extension 201 is a working ip phone)


Trunk 3
Zap Identifier (trunk name): 3

Trunk 4
Zap Identifier (trunk name): 4

Outbound Routes

Route Name: 8_outside
Dial Patterns: 8|.
Trunk Sequence: 0 ZAP/3

Route Name: 9_outside
Dial Patterns: 9|.
Trunk Sequence: 0 ZAP/4

Inbound Routes

Description: lingo
Zaptel Channel: 3
Extensions: <201> pl_35

Description: german
Zaptel Channel: 4
Extensions: <201> pl_35

I cant call out or receive calls. I've been banging my head into this brick wall for about 2 weeks now. I dont know what I am doing wrong.... ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Also, my IP phone can call my MD's and visa-versa.

_nate (o:`,