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That was just a function of a more general email issue that the LMCE sites were having at the time (including these forums) - try again now - the email issue was fixed a week or so ago.

If it still doesn't work, after you have all the details on what you tried, you can send me them and I will log the ticket for you.
Yes I actually tried one more time before making that last post about it, I still recieved no e-mail.
Time to progressively remove each of the options (there's only 3 so it won't take long!) Until it stops freezing again in KDE. Then re-add all but the last one and confirm it was only that option. Then maybe tinker with it to see if there is a stable setting for it. Either way, log a mantis about it as it sounds like an easy thing to fix...
I did narrow down the command line option causing mythtv to freeze.

Out of the command:

Code: [Select]
/bin/sh /usr/bin/mythfrontend -v all -w mythfrontend -geometry 1280x720
(might want to be sitting)the parameter "-v all" is the culprit.  How does logging level cause that?  Well I was so skeptical, I ran myth with and without that single option probably 20 times.... it never froze when I ran it without "-v all"... but when I use "-v all" it freezes withint 1 - 20 seconds like clockwork.

So my next question, can someone tell me or point me to what and where the command is being called from so I can remove that parameter?

Time to progressively remove each of the options (there's only 3 so it won't take long!) Until it stops freezing again in KDE. Then re-add all but the last one and confirm it was only that option. Then maybe tinker with it to see if there is a stable setting for it. Either way, log a mantis about it as it sounds like an easy thing to fix...

I would if I could get the activation email from them.  I've been trying to create an account on mantis for a month, i have probably 30 or so fake aliases, tried different email addresses too. So I gave up a long time ago.

I played around with my tuner cards buffers settings.  Didn't seem to help any, but this is what I used and placed in /etc/modprobe.d/options
Code: [Select]
options ivtv enc_yuv_buffers=32 enc_mpg_buffers=16 enc_vbi_buffers=16 enc_pcm_buffers=16

After alot of useless troubleshooting I finally came up with this...

Well, the only thing I knew for sure was if I run mythfrontend from kde, it never freezes.  So what is the difference I ask myself... so I took a look at what kind of command line options lmce uses to fire up mythtv with "ps -ax | grep mythfrontend" and found in my case it uses
Code: [Select]
/usr/bin/mythfrontend -v all -w mythfrontend -geometry 1280x720

so I ran mythfrontend using the same command line options, but inside kde and try to watch tv, it freezes.
if I run mythfrontend with no command line options it doesn't freeze...

Users / Re: Myth TV still locking up after 710 upgrade
« on: February 29, 2008, 08:01:04 pm »
Has anything come of this issue yet?  I'm also anxious to use my lmce box for live tv.  I have the identical issue.  Mythtv works fine from kde desktop, but inside lmce it freezes within seconds.

I've tried tweaking video setting as advised by another user... i've also agree using a diskless MD or another *nix box with myth frontend only works well.  Myth only freezes when running under lmce on the same box as the backend.

I still tend to suspect a hardware problem because it didn't do this with my old piece of crap computer.  I went from an AMD Sempron socket 754/AGP Nvidia to a AMD X2 socket am2/PCI-E Nvidia... i'm suspecting a compatibility problem of some sort maybe?  I am rebuilding a higher end AGP based system with an X2 socket 939 in it to see if it does the same thing.  I'm leaning towards the video cards interface... agp vs pci-e.  I should have some results tonite.

I had followed your wiki instructions on a previous installation, not for stability issues but just because it claimed better performance.  Normally i'd say that would explain why I didn't have this problem on my previouis install, thanx for pointing that out.

I tried this on this installation and it does not help.  Myth freezes within 1 to 20 seconds like clockwork.  I just can't believe i've put all this effot research and money into building a nice settop box for lmce, and when I get all my hardware collected and finally builld the final box, this is what happens.  It must have something to do with my hardware.

Previously I ran a old ass socket 754 motherboard.
AMD Sempron 3800
AGP Nvidia 6200
(never locked up, never froze)
Piece of shit right?  So I put together a

AMD X2 4800
PCI-E Nvidia 6800
(freezes withint 1 - 20 seconds)

I'm begining to suspect video hardware.  I've ran a comprehensive test of memory, video, hard drive with no errors.  Also I can run mythtv from kde as root and it NEVER freezes.  So it's clearly an issue with lmce.  It's starting to look alot like hell.

I'll be building another AGP based system tonite.  a socket 939 AMD X2 3800 with an ATI 1950, and if the ati doesn't work I have a nVidia 6200 AGP to fall back on.

sudo vi /etc/mythtv/mythweb-htaccess
gives you access denied?

I am also experiencing some issues.

1. MythTV sometimes will work for about 20 seconds then freeze, sometimes 5 mins and freeze.  Sometimes 5 hours and freeze.  Very random.


2. My system will lock up at least once a day, causing me to reboot it once a day.  I will come home from work, and it's locked up.

Very annoying.  I am going to try and install 7.04 tonite.  I started off using 710 Beta 3, and have had to re-install 20 plus times before collecting all the proper hardware and equipment.  I finally have everything lmce wants, and a setup i'm happy with, so I install one last time (or so I thought), and ended up with this.

Nforce6M-A Motherboard
AMD X2 3800+
4 GB DDR2 667Mhz RAM
PVR-150 MCE Tuner
Nvidia 6800 PCI-E Video Card
On board NIC
Intel 1GB NIC
Generic DVD-RW
Using MythTV
Installed 710B3 AMD64

Has anyone an update on this?

Did anyone solve their problem? How?
Did reverting back to 704 solve the problem for any of you guys?
Does the am64 version only one affected?
I also suspected overheating initially, but again after some investigation, my system is running well below tolerance limits.

Users / Re: Linux destroyer
« on: February 20, 2008, 11:51:31 pm »

everyone's a critic

Users / Re: unable to retrieve tv guide info
« on: February 20, 2008, 11:43:47 pm »
i have a valid account that i have configured and paid for with which even says active.  When i am in the media player wizard and try to setup the provider it does't work.  I do have an internet connection but have the nic with the dhcp server disabled and the second nic setup for my local network with my pc's.  any ideas?
I've had trouble with this too, my solution at the time was a re-install, since I was still in testing phase.  I don't know why, but sometimes it wouldn't retrieve the info, i'd re-install using the 0710b3 dvd and it would work.  I think it had something to do with my net configuration, I was troubleshooting something else at the time, requiring me to re-install several times consecutively while changing my network environment around to accommodate both my security requirements and LMCE's picky network config requirements.  I kept breaking LMCE lol.

So i'm in the same boat with you... I eventually got mine working as I said, but it was random chance it happen to work on my last install when I finally got my network the way I wanted, and LMCE was still happy.  So I never got the bottom of it.

Installation issues / Re: ATI TV wonder 650 tuner, anyone using it?
« on: February 20, 2008, 08:21:39 pm »
I am currently researching a good HD DVB-C card to use, and have come to the conclusion that there is just not enough support or fully working models out there yet for me to invest anymore time or money into the idea.  From my research, I never saw this card mentioned in any of the hardware compatibility lists.

Most of my information comes from google, and

I installed everything from DVD and then after all was installed, my vga monitor states that the resolution is unsupported.

Yesterday evening I was lucky to be able to press 2 followed by 6 and then get the avwizard, from where I couldn't get past the resolution settings tab, before returning after 15 sec.

Today I was trying again, but now I can't seem to get the wizard, no matter how many times I choose VGA and a low resolution Huh Im using an old Nvidia gforce 4 adapter for this project!!!

I have a similar problem with a laptop I use as an MD.  When it initially booted up to the AVWizard, my screen went black.  I had been through the AVWizard enough times to remember the first couple menus by heart, so I used the appropriate keystrokes as an idea.  I hit [enter] to continue past the initial welcome screen, then I hit [enter] again to select the default highlit VGA - 640X480 - 60HZ, and suddenly I had video.  The only problem is I didn't want to use 640x480, and going back gave me a black screen again.  I never understood why the default was not 640x480 @ 60hz, but I had to carefully and blindly use my arrow keys to select the output and resolution I desired.

There it is in the subject line.  So from what I gather if I've read correctly is that I've chosen svideo at a resolution of 1024x768 to be able to see anything in AVWizard.  That brings me to a screen that wants me to choose my video settings, but no matter what I choose from the svideo list (or any of the others for that matter) it doesn't display correctly and has to go back on its own after the 15 second countdown.  I have a NTSC television, but neither of the NTSC options work correctly.  It seems odd that I can choose options by randomly hitting a few keys on the keyboard until it works, but not only do I have to reinput those same settings again after finding one that works, but I can't choose resolution for svideo.  Is there any way I can force these settings or is there any other sort of workaround?

I have two other laptops that have this identical problem, except I get initial video on the VGA port.  But when I select S-VIDEO, no matter what format I use, I get no video on the tv.  I finally just said screw it, and blamed it on the video outputs of the card being bad.  I assume this because i've had video cards in the past where the s-video output went bad.  One where any tv you hook it up to just gave me scan lines as if the refresh rate was too high, and no resoultion or refresh rate change fixed it, and then i've had others where I got no video at all, and this is not just in LinuxMCE i've experienced this.  Does your s-video port work under another OS?

Installation issues / Re: Repeating 0710 post installtion problems
« on: February 20, 2008, 08:07:27 pm »
It sounds like to me you are having some random problems in un-predictable manners.  Might I suggest testing your hardware for say, memory problems, bad sectors, video card problem, etc.... You would be amazed at the symptons some obscure hardware problems can cause.  I've seen some strange symptoms caused by all sorts of stuff, including faulty power supplies.

I could be way off base here, but if your system is that un-predictable, I would seriously try to rule out a hardware problem first.  And believe me, if your thinking "but windows works fine" or anything like that, i've seen that too.  Where a computer will work with one operatinng system but not the other, and mis-lead the user into thinking it's a software problem when really it's a hardware problem that just doesn't show up on the other operating system.

Just a guess here... I agree with Z though, check that link he sent you.  I'm only postulating a suggestion based on the information you are providing.

Installation issues / Re: DVB-C HD TV Tuner Cards?
« on: February 20, 2008, 07:51:17 pm »
DVB support in LinuxMCE is something that can be done now, but not unless you manually set it up.

I can not help you in getting HD working on DVB-C, but I can show you the DVB-C card I am using and have working in LinuxMCE. For now, all I have working is FTA, and no HD (They are not FTA).

Not sure if you can find something this new at ebay, but any HD capable DVB card is new...

It is not easy to install, and it is even more difficult to configure in linuxmce...
I reccomend waiting for 0710 when VDR is "complete"

It you get your card you can try this WIKI for tips:

I believe all DVB cards that are Linux compatible will work in LinuxMCE. But to configure them in MythTV requires  a lot of work and I have not been able to find a wiki that takes me all the way. Only bits and pieces. VDR not that hard in 0710b3 and it does work great... The problem is that the VDR UI is still in beta and is not complete.
I am aware it would take some manual configuration, that is no problem for me for I am no amateur.  But I think I came to the same conclusion you are telling me now, just needed to hear it confirmed from someone with first hand experience before I go wasting my money.  I think i'll just have to wait.  I don't want to buy a HD card and it only half ass work, and thats what it sounds like at the moment. Thanks.

Installation issues / Media File Sync Hidden Folders Crouching Files
« on: February 19, 2008, 11:26:42 pm »
Has anyone had this issue with the Media File Sync in the Admin page?

I have put some downloaded video content into a folder on my raid in a folder named /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv

That folder contains several sub-directories used to categorize by name. ie: /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv/farscape

Well when using the Media File Sync in the Admin page to retrive album art/thumbnails, the folder after /tv does not show up.  Even after re-syncing... I experiemented a little with this, and moved all my .avi into just /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv and all the .avi will show up under the Media File Sync menu, and allow me to lookup thumbnails.  Except this method is un-organized and highly un-attractive.

So I created a subfolder inside the Media File Sync called /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv/fartest.  And when I click submit, the page refreshes, that folder shows up... I click on it on the left to go inside it, and of course it's empty.  So I move a few .avi's into the folder, and re-sync... then the folder dissapears from the left again.  Is there an outstanding issue with this I just couldn't find in the forums?

I have made some screenshots to illustrate.

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