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Developers / Re: Developer FAQ
« on: January 26, 2008, 12:00:26 am »
As the potential user of this thread ;):

It might be a good idea to come up not only with separate answers to the questions, but with a comprehensive, well structured guide/instruction on how to (for example) starting with LMCE freshly installed from the DVD step by step get to fully functional "new GSD device"

Some pieces of this info are spread across the wiki, but each of them is written with its own assumptions (of how environment is set up for example), some are not existing, so its usually very hard to link them up into complete procedure..

You may also suggest some other "end-to-end development use cases" which worth describing in this manner.

Installation issues / Re: 0710b3 MD with HDD install
« on: January 24, 2008, 03:51:41 pm »
Thanks. At least I can sleep well now :)

will wait for the feature to return..

Users / Re: How to do a wireless MD?
« on: January 24, 2008, 06:26:55 am »
Hi Rafik,

I tried to follow your steps, but with no success. Not sure I understand the procedure... could you please elaborate more on that?
Couple of questions embedded below.. sorry if they're too dumb for you :)


 - installing kubuntu, setup the wireless card (i do this editing /etc/network/interfaces manually because i can't use network manager with my ralink rt2500)

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet dhcp
        wireless-essid SOMETHING

 /etc/init.d/networking restart ( make a copy of interfaces since hte installer will change it removing the essid and the key (which is a paint cause i dont happen to know my wifi key by heart)

ssh linuxmce@dcerouter

We did ssh from the MD being set up, right?

 scp /usr/pluto/deb-cache/mce-installerxxxxxxxx.deb

What is the destination of this scp?

right click on mce-installer and select install package

On which machine should I click? I assume newly created copy should be clicked - so back to previous question.

edit /etc/apt/source.list and comment all the lines leaving the first entry (deb http://archives.    feistyi main)

On which machine should I edit? Core or MD? MD seems to have the only one entry.. "deb file:/usr/pluto/deb-cache/ ./  ".
FIrst entry of sources.list on the core also has the same... not http://archives

apt-get update ; apt-get install portmap nfs-common nfs-kernel server

Should this be executed in the same terminal window on the MD under ssh to the router? Or where?

 know click o the install lmce icon on the desktop

This one should be on the MD's desktop in the end... right?

 on the install finishes, check /etc/init.d/interfaces and use the ipaddress provided and add the wifi essid and key

Just a couple comments on this also, please...

  should be it,

Please give me some feedback if you encounter any problem so i can update this and put it on the wiki.

 Hope this helps,



Installation issues / Re: 0710b3 MD with HDD install
« on: January 24, 2008, 02:59:24 am »
Looks like this has something to do with 0710b3 version of MCE itself. Just checked - 0704 when installed from CD asks if I want an MD or core..
Is this a defect or the feature just got dismissed?

Installation issues / 0710b3 MD with HDD install
« on: January 24, 2008, 12:26:54 am »
Hi everyone

Has anyone been able to perform a CD install of 0710b3 on the MD with HDD (i.e. not diskless install, boot from HDD not PXE). When I try this I am not asked if I need core install or MD only - only "setup new core" is available which I don't want..
My MD did receive an IP from the core's DHCP and diskless setup goes on this same machine perfectly, so everything seems to be ok on the network side...

Thank you!

Users / Re: WiFi
« on: January 21, 2008, 10:46:26 pm »

Cannot bring the pieces together. By themselves they seem to work, but not combined :)

What I have now:
- dedicated core (wired to wi-fi DSL modem). *works ok*
- diskless laptop booting form the network - *works as MD ok*
- another diskless laptop with CF in USB:
-- Kubuntu installed on CF *works ok*
-- wireless card set up - I can surf internet through core's DHCP and ssh the core. on the wifi I get correct MCE IP ( *works ok*

But I cannot get second laptop to work as MD
- tried to install Kubuntu/MCE from DVD - *fail* it just cannot set up on CF i guess
- tried to install MCE only from CDs - *fail*. Installation goes down to completion and advises to reboot, but after reboot MCE doent start.. I see normal Kubuntu desktop..
sometimes I got "Waiting for /usr/pluto/var... FAIL" after reboot.

 Is there any way to set up "non-diskless" MD? Generally: Can I setup LinuxMCE on the full-fledged computer and connect it to the core as the MD (without PXE boot)? Please advise on the steps..

Users / Re: WiFi
« on: January 20, 2008, 08:54:49 pm »
The only way you can get a device to boot wirelessly over a network, is to use a Wireless Bridge, and attach it to an ethernet port on the system you wish to boot.... You then configure the wireless bridge to the SSID of the wireless network.


Thanks Thom!

But is "wireless boot" the only way wireless MD can work? Can it have it's own "boot image", start with it and then act the same way diskless MDs do?
Another alternative is to have full package (Kubuntu+LMCE) installed on the MD..

Users / Re: WiFi
« on: January 20, 2008, 08:52:20 pm »
Interesting part here is that I didn't need to set anything related to network manually :) After I did 0710 DVD installation everything worked automatically (I just went to admin site, looked at the network config and said to myself "hmm, everything is ok").
I even had DHCP turned ON on both core and modem :) and my core and non-mce computers worked just fine with the internet.
I later had to turn it off on the modem because my MD worked only right after the image rebuild, but after reboot MD could not start. Turning modem's DHCP off cured this issue.

As for the second question... I think rafik24 did something like that:

But this seems to be running Kubuntu+LMCE (what is the total size?) on the MD, not booting from local boot image and then working like diskless MD...

Users / Re: WiFi
« on: January 20, 2008, 07:46:35 pm »
Hi there

Good that Dionysian asked this question, I'm now thinking about to implement something similar to that.

I have almost the same config - dedicated LMCE core installed on the machine wired to DSL 4-port modem which also has wireless (DHCP on modem is turned off). I've got MD connected to the DSL modem with cat5. It boots over the net and works ok getting MCE IPs from the core. So second network card in the core is not needed.

My other computers in the local net also get non-MCE IPs from the core's DHCP.
But also when I start a Windows notebook with internal wi-fi it is able to connect to internal network (and go outside to the internet) through the core's DHCP. It also gets correct IP from core's non-MCE range. So seems like there is no routing issues there..

May I assume that if I make this notebook an MD it will work ok wirelessly with this network config? Please advise how to set this up. I do not need high throughput here - this one will be used like a radio in garage for instance, no HD video required.

My second question is - is it possible to use CF card to boot from for MD? Any links to instructions on this will be much appreciated.

To summarize: My ultimate purpose is to have small wireless diskless (means no HDD, not booting from the net) MD able to play music from the server and probably surf the Internet.

Waiting for your thoughts

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