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Developers / pictures slideshow, and navigating the source code?
« on: January 18, 2008, 10:02:29 am »
first post.  i've no idea how to do so, as i've never worked on an open-source project before, but i did a lot of coding many years ago, and i'm interested in implementing a fullscreen slideshow feature into the pictures viewer.  i thought it might not be exceedingly difficult(?) to find the code that produces the flickr slideshow and alter it to accomplish this (i'd assume that might also involve resizing images).  i downloaded the source code to investigate this and, well, there's a lot of it of course.  how does one navigate the source code to find where things are?  is there some sort of map?  gps?  ;)

thanks in advance for any guidance.

EDIT:  i guess i should elaborate.  what i imagined was playing around with this idea on my machine until i decided it was impossible or until i was successful.  i also assume the task is more difficult than it seems.  is it considered bad etiquette in such a forum to petition help for such an endeavor when the inevitable confusion arises?  i've no idea how such impressive open development works...

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