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Users / LinuxMCE and other SAMBA share PCs on the same network?
« on: April 26, 2007, 03:39:49 pm »
How does LinuxMCE perform when there are other Samba share PCs on the same network?

I have 2 "UnRaid" file servers that both use Samba on this network, one is set to be the local master and the other isn't.  When messing around with LinuxMCE I seemed to lose the connection to the file servers.  It could have been a coincidence.  I also want to add a Zoneminder CCTV PC back into this network (it currently has it's own independent network).

So when there are so many Samba share PCs on a network, which one should be the local master?  If it is necessary to do so... How do I tell the LinuxMCE machine it isn't the Local Master?  Can there reliably be more than 1 master?



In the impressive LinuxMCE demonstration video online the guy says that LinuxMCE can control the actual TV set, VCR and other external equipment.


Is this due to LinuxMCE broadcasting the IR signal that the TV etc. picks up?   If so what hardware would be necessary in a LinuxMCE player PC (as opposed to the Core PC) to allow this to be possible?



I've recently been pointed in the direction of LinuxMCE and it appear to to exactly what I need.  I've done a test install on an old PC:-

Athlon 3200+
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe R2 Mobo
Radeon 9500 Gfx Card
512MB Ram

And I get the Gray Screen of Death on the display, I'm not worried about that as the IP interface is there so I can learn how it all works.

In my home I currently use:-
Zoneminder for my CCTV (Great, but I struggle to configure it)
X-10 Home Automation via a Windows PC
VOIP Phones
Data storage server (both for media and CCTV archive data)
Media Delivery via Windows HTPC
Media Delivery via Snazzio & Roku Media Players

What I do need a little help with is a shopping list to really get the most out of LinuxMCE.  I want to build a dedicated server (core?) machine and separate "Media Player" machines.  I want to enable all the best features on the media player (best graphics on menus etc) and need the server machine capable of delivering pretty much all the services LinuxMCE can provide.  I want to spend as little as I can to get machines that will fully offer the total LinuxMCE Experience.

So remembering I'm in the UK....

What hardware should I buy?:-

Core Machine "Server"
CPU & Memory
What CPU & Memory Requirements to run it all?  At least 2 TV Cards, Phone Server, Media Delivery to plenty of Players (Eventually about 6), X-10 Home Automation etc.

Graphics Card
I assume Graphics Card Performance isn't too important on the Core Server?

TV Cards
Which Digital Freeview or Satellite TV Cards?

X-10 Home Control Hardware
I currently use a CM12U Serial X-10 Interface, is there anything recommended for LinuxMCE?

IR-Wireless Remote Control
Is IR control of the Core Machine necessary?

Media Player Machines
CPU & Memory
What CPU & Memory Requirements to run the most CPU hungry video types under MCE?  I've heard that h.264/x264 is becoming the standard encoding for HiDef Broadcast TV here in Europe so I'd like the machines to cope with that.

Graphics Card
As these machines will be in the living areas I need to consider noise as well as performance.  Size will also be an issue so if the onboard GFX 6150b Graphics of some motherboards would be ideal if they can cope up to at least 1080i (though I already have a 1080p display in one room).  But I want the best performance LinuxMCE can offer me.

TV Cards
Are they necessary on the Media Player Machines?

IR-Wireless Remote Control
What would be the recommended IR or RF Remote control & Interface for these Media Players?  I've seen the Microsoft MCE remote an that seems very nice.  If possible I'd prefer to go for a Wireless of RF solution & not IR as sometimes the equipment isn't in ideal IR line of sight, but compatibility is more important.  I also have PDA type phones, but separate remote controls are important.

CCTV Cameras & Entry Control
I need more IP CCTV Cameras, any that are recommended for use with LinuxMCE?
Would Control of Entry Gates/Intercom be possible?

I just can't wait to get stuck in with all this, it's like someone has asked what I would want from a home network system and included everything in an integrated solution.  Any help on buying the right hardware for this experience gratefully received,

Many thanks,


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