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Users / Re: KDE slower than a snail on MD
« on: December 22, 2011, 05:32:49 am »
Is there anything I can do to make KDE run faster on MD's or is this just a casualty of running diskless MD? I can watch paint peel faster than thinks move in KDE.

Is it the processing that is slow or the video re-render when putting the orbiter on screen? And are you using Alpha blending or overlay? Because those have different requirements and could cause slowdown in different ways with how the cards are accessed and such?

Users / Re: Z-Wave Compatibility?
« on: December 22, 2011, 05:29:02 am »
not all z-wave devices are automatically supported, but most classes of device have templates now. your best bet is to look and see if theres a template for it or a similar device from another manufacturer, or look in the source code for support.
it would help to know exactly which device you are looking at too. if its not supported, we can suggest one that is.

This specifically was what I was looking at, but not because its got a craptonne of features. :P
Mostly because it does temp sensing, and if set up you could use it to turn on a local heater for a room to manage the temps. :)

Regarding your last question: I didn't look at the source code so I don't know exactly what's in there, but to make the Cores fully redundant, DCE would have to support this explicitly. From on architectural point of view, you'd have to have the two Cores running and the two DCE controllers would have to communicate and agree on a few things, like which Core is currently in charge. The second DCE would poll the other and when a sufficient number of polls failed and/or too long time have passed it would take command.
Then you'd have to look at every component in the system how to make it either fully redundant or to have it follow to Core (like a SAN, could be attached to two cores at the same time). To make things better, you could distribute work for the two Cores as long as both are operational. UpdateMedia and regen of Orbiter screens would be a candidate to run on the second Core to make the primary Core readily operational.
And then there would be a pile of more things to look into... ;-)

Anyone smart enough and have enough free time if paid, to get this working or setup? (I am not a programmer or source editor, and don't have the assumed skills to do this?)

Out of curiosity, where do I apply to get this licence? Or documentation to apply for it?

Quick search on under development - > Licence I found this
Which says that I don't need a licence per-say, as much as reference to that there PDF, which is cool, the programmers and supporters deserve their emblem on this stuff.
I would like to get some metallic stickers with the LinuxMCE logo on them to adhere to all the computers and MD's I setup. That would be cool.
Edit the second:
It sounds like I may need only a licence for pluto devices, so that could be part of the core or not I am not sure. Either way, that is well deserved on their part, making a product freely available.
focusing exclusively on generating revenue through hardware distribution and licensing to hardware manufacturers. Ultimately Pluto’s revenues will come from end consumers with the means and desire to purchase a complete, hardware+software solution with Pluto’s software pre-installed.
Though I am still not sure where to get the licence or how to apply, or the cost associated. :p

Users / Z-Wave Compatibility?
« on: December 21, 2011, 12:47:04 pm »
Are all Z-wave Devices compatible with LinuxMCE in that you can adjust what each device does or do they have special parameters associated with them?
I was interested in a general temp sensor, but it also has about 15 other sensors. :P

Let me know what the thoughts are on this. :)

Users / Re: Live Tv Menu
« on: December 21, 2011, 12:16:25 pm »
Thanks posde, first my wife and now you !  ;D

Just so you know, this may be a meme some day :P Hahaha
By the way, I posted the specific text on facebook. :P
No names or such are shown.

Users / Re: Local help needed
« on: December 21, 2011, 11:58:43 am »
Anyone local to southern Alberta region interested in helping setup a new home with mce and local to Calgary area?
I started a new and don't have the time to finish a project I started ages ago...
Contact me if so to discuss compensation.

Not sure what your needs are, but I have a project on the go. Look for Feasibility Question on page one as of the posting of this reply.
Let me know what you need, I think you can message me through PM.

Users / Re: I want YOU!
« on: December 21, 2011, 11:22:13 am »
to help me make a video. To show at SCALE. Whats this video of? Well, its quite simple really. All I ask is one of two options, or both if your game.

So what is it of? Well, simply put, its about you and LinuxMCE. Make a video of how you use your system or why you use LinuxMCE. Thats it. Simple right. Post it to the ole youTube or I can arrange some other method of transfer and I will compile it into a video which is going to be shown on the MD facing out into the convention floor.

So please, dont make me look like an ass and only have myself. Lol. But seriously, I think it would be a great way to involve the community.

So come on down, the water's fine!

Give me a bit, maybe a week to receive the new hardware and some devices and I would gladly make a demo. :)

Users / Feasibility Question (0810 Home Solution) *Please Lock*
« on: December 21, 2011, 11:18:15 am »
New solution - Linux MCE * Packaging*

Linux MCE Whole Home Solution

Offering packages to setup and install Linux MCE customized for customers.
Including with or without options.

Required (As understood)
LinuxMCE core machine
LinuxMCE Media Directors (No known Limit)


               Camera's IP or Direct connections
               Door and Window access monitoring (Magnetic strips or Automatic door locks)
               In and out of house monitoring
               DVD's ripped to computers
               All music and video's on NAS or local drives
               Video to any Media Director
        Power Controllers
               Lighting (Either lamps or actual lights)
               Lighting (Faded lights)
               Wall power and appliances
        Phone Systems
               Integration of Phones (IP or Analogue to interface card)
               Phone in location (rooms or offices)
               DID controlling (Direct Inward Dial)
        Emergency Services
               Notification of Police/emergency as required (input required from Operator unless time out of contact)
               Notification through photo or video if breach in security
               Monitoring of crimes in progress
               Records of all actions done in location while in secure mode

Hey guys (and Gals)
I was just curious what you think of the understanding I have of the system and if its accurate, and if there is more that the system can do?
I would like to operate this as part of my business, I understand that its open source, so forgive me if I am breaking a rule or part of the licencing.

Say I can go through with this system and get interest from customers, and the system is sold for 10,000 installed (average of possible choices), obviously some of the cost would be for the hardware, and then there is warranties and such, along with my time for install, and learning. Also there are taxes, and such, but if I can get this all done, and say there is 3,000 left for me, for support and the furthering of the project, I would be willing to support the project financially.

I know this may sound grand and like its not going to happen. I have recently been given support in the amount of 500 dollars for an initial setup and test machine.
If this setup works with the hardware chosen and I manage to get some more parts to setup a demonstration, I anticipate that I could have a financing company support me by offering financing to my customers.
So when a project is complete and the hardware is installed, the customer signs off on the install, and the financing company pays my company out in a lump sum. Thus everything done can be supported and paid back immediately.

Anyway, this is kind of a long post, but I have been discussing this since before the 0710 release.
So if there are any problems or solutions or idea's that you all have please feel free to reply to this and let me know.

Thanks for your time and for reading this.

Also as an addendum, is there a method to make a 100% redundant core? (dual core's or something)

Also, Current Hardware Chosen.

Motherboard -      ASUS M5A88-M AM3+
Ram -                 8GB Kingston ValueRam 1333 2 Sticks
Video Card -         EVGA GeForce 8400 GS 1GB ram
Processor -          AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.2Ghz
Lan Card -           Intel PW LA8391GT 10/100/1000 PCI
Case -                Rosewill 4U Rackmount Tower
Power Supply -     Rosewill 600W ATx12v / EPS12v

After review and thought, and some critiquing, I have put my project on halt in favour of in theory, they should be able to do most of what I want, and hopfully, someday we can come back to this.

Could a Mod please lock this thread.

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