Author Topic: FS: Nokia N810 / WebDT 366 / WebDT 375 / Gyration Remote / Via VM7700 / HTPC  (Read 6486 times)


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Hi Guys,

I am selling some of my HT gear.

First up is a Nokia N810 in MINT condition. Not a single scratch on it. I used it maybe twice since I bought it.

$180 US + shipping


Next we have a WebDT 366 and WebDT 375. Both units work great, power up just fine and have WinCE installed. The 366 comes with the built-in wireless card, carrying case and external battery. The 375 does not have any of that. They both come with power cables, but do not have docks.

I'm selling both together for $200 US + shipping


Next we have a Gyration GYR3101US remote. This is the exact same remote as the Fiire Chief, but without the Fiire Chief firmware. It comes with the dongle.

$80 US + shipping


Next up is a VIA VM7700. I believe this is the same unit that Fiire use to resell as the Fiire Invisible. It's a fanless unit and can be mounted to the back of any VESA compatible LCD. This unit was not purchased through Fiire and does not come with any of their software. Additionaly it does not have a hard drive installed, although it accepts a standard 2.5" laptop drive.

Processor: 1.5GHz Via Eden Pro


Price: $500 US + shipping


And last we have the HTPC. I am unsure of exactly how functional this is with LinuxMCE. I had 0710 running very well, but some effort was required. I have not tried 810.

Processor: Intel Core2 Q6600 (2.4GHz quad core)
Motherboard: GA-73PVM-S2H
Hard drive: 120GB
Case: Thermaltake Mozart SX

  • Built-in infrared receiver
  • ThemalTake Multimedia Remote
  • Front display LCD for media metadata
  • HDMI out
  • SuperMulti DVD writer

Price: $450 US + shipping


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as a caveat:

The VIA VM7700 is NOT what Fiire used to sell as the Fiire Invisible, it was their original 1" MD, for which we no longer have firmware for. It is NOT supported in LinuxMCE 0810, and will never be supported in LinuxMCE 0810 due to VIA deliberately not providing drivers outside of the first tier System Integrator circle.



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Hi Monkgs

I'm interested in Nokia 810, and in WebDT 366.
Regarding WEbDT375, does it have some networking capability (as you state that it has no wireless built in card)?

Do you have a rough idea about shipping costs (i'm living in Italy) ?



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are these items still available? thanks.
regardless. i will still prevail.