Author Topic: 810 and VDR - how do I switch sat channel?  (Read 1746 times)


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810 and VDR - how do I switch sat channel?
« on: December 30, 2009, 01:27:07 am »
I am new to this LinuxMCE thing, sorry if I ask something obviously documented or widely known.

After countless hours and numerous attempts, technical difficulties and corrupted parts, here it is up and running - I can switch it to TV and there is VDR displaying some channel! But how do I change it? As soon as I touch arrow buttons it all disappears, I get black screen, the traditional Xorg pointer and there is only option - restart. I know its beta, but hey..  :'(
Or should I config the VDR control interfaces as it handles all inputs when I switch to TV? I am not sure about the architecture right now, I was thinking that VDR is just plainly streaming something to the LinuxMCE.
I dont have supported remote, no gadgets attached, just plain motherboard on my table with GeForce and SkyStar 2 plugged in. I just wanted to make sure that it basically does what I am looking for..

Ok I will explain what I am on about: I want to build a Media Server which can provide SD and HD DVB-S DVB-T contents and also some movies from storage devices, these are basic requirements. I have imagined that such solution usually is one central machine which does the logic - all the decoding, encoding, etc.. and then there are clients (or set-top-boxes) that just display the picture (receive stream) and sends the remote key presses back to the server. I figure that LinuxMCE has this kind of distributed architecrure (Media Directors) and many source devices and I though that it could control VDR on a remote machine as well. Am I right? The thing is that I have built a VDR Sat receiver some time ago (LFS build with everythig compiled etc), its working brilliantly but it is not distributred, I mean - it has to stay next to TV (and make noise). And now I want to build a new VDR machine and include HD support and DVB-T as well (which will be even bigger noise). So I thought I should look at LinuxMCE as a central logic which could serve all that stuff to the silent small PC which just shows the picture and provides interfaces. I have a successful attempt to make MediaMVP to be settopbox for VDR (there is a plugin for that) but its not very flexibe solution (everything has to be encoded into Mpeg2) and I need HD as well which it cant do.

So, is the MCE right platform for that or I should look somewhere else?

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