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MythTV recordings and
« on: December 12, 2009, 05:18:37 am »
I have been tortured for a while regarding the Myth livetv and recorded tv paths, and how the recordings are treated in LMCE. As it currently stands, livetv that is recorded, is never put in LMCE due to the folderlock. Also, if recordings are deleted on an orbiter it screws up mythtv. Anyhow, I think I have a good solution. I have a livetv and recordings folder, and folderlock both. I then use to symlink the recording. Here is my

Code: [Select]


ln -sf $3/$4 $dir/$4
chown mythtv:public $dir/$4
chmod 755 $dir/$4

echo "messagesend" >> /var/log/savemythrecording.log
echo "$(date) $0-$1-$2-$dir-$4" >> /var/log/pluto/donerecording.log
/usr/pluto/bin/MessageSend dcerouter 0 -1001 2 69 29 "$1" 57 "$2" 35 "$dir/$4"

Here is the section of

Code: [Select]
#public storage groups
                CheckMythTVStorageGroup("/home/public/data/pvr/$Device_Description/Recordings","Default","$hostName");      #Put the special "Default" storage group in.
                CheckMythTVStorageGroup("/home/public/data/pvr/$Device_Description/livetv","LiveTV","$hostName");       #Put the special "LiveTV" storage group into the moons root pvr* directory
                CheckMythTVStorageGroup("/home/public/data/pvr/$Device_Description/Recordings","public: $Device_Description","$hostName");

I see all scheduled recordings and livetv recordings (hit the record button while watching livetv, or a scheduled recording fired while watching it live) in LMCE orbiter.

Anyone else think it is a good idea for release?