Author Topic: UPNP Dlink dsm-320  (Read 2663 times)


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UPNP Dlink dsm-320
« on: July 09, 2006, 07:37:46 pm »
I have several devices I would like to integrate with PLuto

1. Dlink-DSM-320 it needs upnp server I thought I read pluto supports upnp.

2. Happauge Medai MVP (see previous post)

3. Turtle Beach Audiotron supporting flac see(Samba File Extension Mapping VFS Module).

I assume the a/v device setup is for i/r or rs232 interface support and a gc100 is required.

I saw audiotron listed as a supported device is there any details or that just for ir codes.

any help would be greatly aprreciated.