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WebDT 366 for sale
« on: May 05, 2009, 08:21:02 pm »
  I purchased a WebDT 366 when Thom had pointed them out a while back.  I didn't get much farther then turning it on, and noticing the cradle wasn't quite the correct one, before things got busy.

  This unit does have a minor scratch on the screen in the upper left, I think all of the ones in that sale did..  The scratch doesn't seem to affect the operation or viewing of the device.  I haven't actually run the orbiter on the device, but being as it was in the same lot as the one used by Thom, it's likely to work. 

  Device has a Cisco WIFI card, and has Bluetooth as well.  It is presently running WinCE 5.0,  There have been reports of people running WinXP embedded on it.  From what people have said, it works great as an orbiter for LinuxMCE using the software that TSHAK(Thom) put together.

  I'm selling the device, including extra external battery, charger and cradle (which isn't the correct one, but is still usable as a stand).  I'm presently asking $175 + shipping.

Thank you.