Author Topic: Why list 'Controlled By' is empty [RESOLVED]  (Read 2306 times)


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Why list 'Controlled By' is empty [RESOLVED]
« on: May 18, 2006, 06:16:58 pm »
Hi there,

I tryed to add a new interface device into Pluto using GSD approach. I followed by instruction from docs:
1) installed package 'pluto-generic-serial-device';
2) created a new template with GSD support;
3) added a new Ruby command and quick restart router;
4) added a new manufacture and model for category 'Interfaces';
5) added my device as a new interface device.

After that I added a new dimmer to the Light devices but a list 'Controlled by' was empty. I added another existing Pluto interface but this list was still empty.

Could someone explain me why the list 'Controlled by' is empty?

Thanks in advance.

UPDATED: Just appropriate category in the device template should be added.