Author Topic: GE Caddx Networx NX8E security panel and sensors  (Read 2090 times)


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GE Caddx Networx NX8E security panel and sensors
« on: May 17, 2006, 05:25:25 pm »

I'm going all out on testing Pluto and have just installed a GE Caddx Networx NX-8E security panel with a bunch of sensors.  I chose this because the Pluto website said that there is already support for this alarm system in its compatibility page.  But I cannot get this to work.  Can someone at Pluto please verify if I have set up everything correctly?  This is what it looks like:

Physical Layout

NX8E ---serial---gc100---CAT5E---ethernet switch---plutocore

(Serial cable runs like this: NX8E cable's male]: [female|female adapter] :[gc100's male]  Maybe the pins need to be crossed-over?)

Pluto settings

GC100 controlled by CORE
Generic Relays controlled by gc100
GE Interlogix controlled by Generic Relays

The Generic Relays option appeared after I set up the gc100.  Am I assuming correctly that I need to use the GE Interlogix device to control the NX-8E?  Is it also correct to have this controlled by Generic Relays (the other options are "CORE" and "Generic PC as MD").  Generic Relays only has gc100 as the "controlled by" option.  The GC100 has "CORE", "Generic Relays", and "Generic PC as MD" as "controlled by" options.

All sensors controlled by GE Interlogix.  Have left the options at their default settings.

Security Zones:
Not sure if I understand the point of this.  Is this equal to the alarm panel's zones, e.g. 1-8 in an 8 zone panel?  If so, where do we input the zone number?  Is it in the Zone Name or is that something else?

Can anyone at Plutohome please respond?