Author Topic: 0710 x64 (Clean Install): Mitsubishi WD-Y577 DLP 1080P HDTV Not Fully Compatible  (Read 3716 times)


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Hi. Before I discuss about my problems with the 16:9 resolution (4:3 and 5:4 works fine), I'd like to give you my system specs:

Cooler Master CM Media 280 Convertible HTPC Case
ECS A780GM-A 780G ATX motherboard (using Radeon HD 3200 as part of 780G chipset)
2GB of RAM (256MB used by Radeon HD 3200)
Western Digital GreenPower 750GB hard drive (only one hard drive)
Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer (EMU20k1) sound card
AverMedia AverTV Bravo Hybrid ATSC/ClearQAM tuner
Cooler Master 300w PSU

Mitsubishi WD-Y577 DLP HDTV

Okay, here are the screenshots to show you what it looks like when I tried one of the following 16:9 resolutions. Please note that I never mess with the refresh rates -- it's all at 60 Hz. Plus, all the screenshots are the same regardless of whether I chose DVI/HDMI, or VGA. Since my HDTV does not have a VGA input, mine is only HDMI. My motherboard also has an HDMI, so it's all HDMI to HDMI. All the screenshots are different depending on the resolution.




My HDTV shows this information regardless of the resolution (no matter if it's 640x480, 800x600, etc.).

Please excuse the poor lighting in my room.

Is it possible that Kubuntu 7.10 will also show me the problems that I have with LinuxMCE? I don't have the DVD, but I do have Ubuntu 8.10 DVD-ROM disc.

Right now, I'm running Windows Vista and I'm getting correct monitor timings for my HDTV just fine. (If only I have the spare hard drive to install LinuxMCE in there, as I did not like the insistance of wiping out my entire hard drive. If I have problems, I could just boot back to Windows without harming my Windows partitions. It's only for testing before I do a full wipe of my hard drive... :( )
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Did you check any of this hardware for compatibility before purchasing it? Or are you intending on purchasing specific hardware for LMCE? Please go to the wiki and read up on hardware requirements and the FAQ.

In short:

1. You must have two NICs
2. The only video hardware you should be considering is nVidia, somewhere in the 6200-8300 range is fine.
3. 2GB is overkill, 1GB is plenty for almost all purposes, and you can get away with less on small installations.
4. Your SoundBlaster card does not have any drivers for Linux as far as I am aware - I have looked, Creative were going to bring out some, but they only got as far as Beta, then ditched them. So, no sound!
5. I'm pretty sure I have read that the AverMedia card is not compatible with Linux, or at least it has significant problems that are "show stoppers".

Seriously, it really isn't worth spending the time troubleshooting a system that is so far from being useable with LMCE. Take a look at some other hardware based on the recommendations in the wiki.


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I built my system about 1 year ago... I intend to use Linux MCE as a general PC and for recording DTV shows.

Ah, man... I can't believe I bought all the hardware that are not Linux-compliant... :(  :-[

Thanks for all your help.


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Install the latest ATI drivers as described on the Display_Drivers wiki page and configure xorg.conf properly.
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