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First experience with Pluto
« on: March 14, 2006, 02:26:48 am »
Definitively not a smooth experience. First I want to state my objective: to evaluate how easy is to create an interface for my hardware based alarm and automation controller.

I'm like several others here trying to devise what good configuration would make the best Core machine. In the mean time I trying to evaluate Pluto as an Hybrid format running in my laptop (no desktop here yet).

At the end of the installation I got a Linux PC with:

- no wireless internet (so I lost mobility and one of my network adapters)
- no touchpad support (once I installed an USB based Microsoft Trackball the internal touchpad worked - is there a way to enable the touchpad without having to connect the trackball?)
- no audio (several blacklist messages while booting up; while playing MP3s in Pluto it said it was playing something but no sound was out)
- no Xine video (regular video was OK, but while tryaing to playback .mov video Pluto said it was playing but it wasn't - dont remember if it was black screen or nothing at all).

I have SEVERAL questions regarding program or usability problems, but I will share them with the group later (have to run now). Again, my objetive is to create the ethernet interface for my alarm/automation panel - so these problems are not core at this moment. However, I'll try to solve them in the future.

Just wanted to share with the group. Several more questions to come.