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Status/Progress/Vital Signs/Updates... etc
« on: September 26, 2012, 03:07:52 pm »
Tehbard and Armorgnome are alive. 

Neither of us are the type to fizzle away or retire to inactivity, sorry but you are all stuck with us!

In all seriousness I really enjoy having my little niche (old hardware, does things the hard way, willing to test, looking to overturn every 0 and 1 of LMCE until I can join the -devel and bother L3top) and the last month I really haven't been doing any of those things.

About a month ago now three pretty big changes happened at tehbard's house; income!, availability of new hardware, an improved internet connection.  Soon afterwards tehbard started showing more interest in the software and got to where his questions were pointed and technical. I pointed him towards the forums.  It had always surprised me that he wasn't more interested.  Looking back at the last couple months I must admit watching someone read code and review hardware all day while continuously bringing in junk computers with the hope of getting media to more locations than my bedroom only to fail and get moody... would not be too awful appealing.  On top of that I constantly talked about "could" and "eventually." 

  > tehBard, "Thanks for not throwing me out. LOL"

As it is much more appropriate for me to provide details on my wiki page than to list everything here I will just explain that my absence from constant testing, breaking, reporting and forum activity is not an indication of inactivity.  It is honestly the lack of time I have now that devices are being added, configured and put into use around the house at a rate that makes "the grand tour" appropriate for even frequent guests.  As I take time to provide this update, I am sure the dry erase board of "parts" and "to-do" is getting new entries.

For those I know well and would be interested in knowing.  Updates have just finished running on our second active LMCE 10.04 core.  TehBard has dedicated two of his PowerEdge machines to template creation and general dev duty.  Their architecture is very similar to our active core so it allows him to "break to fix" so that we know exactly how to add these devices to our main network.  As long as we stay on top of keeping that environment current and maintain frequent backups I hope to get into some new template/device/support writing very soon.

Until I run out of dry erase marker or devices to implement or take to Goodwill feel free to drop me a PM or ping me on IRC.  User armorgnome or tehbard.

-current projects,

                        AG : Replace multiple small switches with cisco catalyst 24port - lost in minicom land =/
                               Retro-wire the property and establish new ent. area and rooms
                               Haul away old components and devices that wont work or are not worth the effort
                               Fix CM15a
                               Finish passive cooling system on the server cabinet, expand beyond 21U hopefully
                               Move choice drives to the new NAS chassis, haul away IDE and small SATA drives
                               Home Improvements, general modernization even if not automation at this time
                               GYR3103-US chain reload router problem (gcm1005)
                               Help with StorageDevicesRadar

                  tehBard: Hand telecom duties off to a stand alone FreePBX box, maintain Asterisk a.m.a.p.
                               Develop code for AXXIUM and HP UPS systems, GSD preferably
                               Test CM15a and MS16a - 
                               Evaluate benefits for 1-wire, KNX or proprietary options.
                               Study LMCE and resolve best methods for adding new PLC functions and support
                               "something about a TPM module?" not sure as it seems to be a sore subject
                               As the property owner, have the final say on lights, automation, power usage etc
                               Continue to watch trac tickets and help if possible
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