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harware help
« on: March 04, 2006, 06:59:05 am »
I am very interested in this project.

I have been looking at a bunch of projects to handle my x10/voip/security cam/file-media server needs.
I was very excited to run into this project at the zoneminder site.

I am thinking of doing a stand alone core with 2 directors and 1 orbiter.

I have some general harware questions to help me better gauge what I have to purchase to setup this project.

I have three decent computers I was looking to use.

MSI Neo2 w/ 939 AMD 64 3000+
1GB ddr 3200
2x Western digital 250GB RAID 0 w/ a 3ware 8006-2lp hardware raid controller
2x Nec 3500 series dvd writers
Audigy 2 zs
Nvidia 6600gt oc
BT878 compatible DVB  card for ccd cams.

What is the base requirements for a core?
AMD 64 bit chip would be easy to up grade to another more powerful 939.
would 3000+ be enough?
I am thing of doing at least 4 x 250GB in Raid 5 via a 4 port Adaptec or 3ware card.
Looking at also adding a HDTV linux card. (HD-3000)
I would love to do the dual xeon w/ 10tb, but I would have top get a couple more jobs to afford it.

1st Director:
Shuttle 754 socket Amd 3400 (clawhammer)
1GB Geil Ram.ddr 3200
250GB Western Digital SATA
nec 3500
evga 6800
19" viewsonic widescreen.

[color= red] does the director have to be connected to a tv?
or can I use my lcd monitor since its nicer than the tvs in my house?
I would only need a hdtv card in it if I was connecting it to my DirectTV reciever --right?[/color]

2nd Director:
SFF P4 2.4
1 gb pc 2700
30 gb 10k drive
-working on a video card- agp slot is half sized-sff pc
1 nec 3500 seried dvd writer.( i really like nec I know.)
I have an elo touch screen 15" lcd, but I was planning to sell and replace with viewsonic 19" widescreen.

P3 tablet PC running XP or 2000.
I have not puchased this yet.
I like the DT ones I just have a grand to spend.

Other odds and end I planned on getting:
3 d-link bluetooth adapters. I have 1 of the 120's already.
1 fxs adapter for voip.
1 squeezebox

I plan to use the core for:
- managing a handful of x-10 light switches and motion detectors.
- 4 ccd cams
- serving all of my dvds mp3s.
- voip
- bluetooth proximity detection.

I am not looking for hand holding. I have read the forums here and the faq. I just need some clarification. I understand it is not in this sites best interst to help me with this. I wish I could afford the pre configured equipment. sadly I can not.  
Any input or direction is greatly appreciated.



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harware help
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2006, 10:45:33 am »

maybe not of much help, but some general guidance...
- Core is crucial in whole system, cause MDs are all diskless and boot over network and mount disks over nfs.

- MDs can be used as Pluto MDs - if you boot them over network, or normal PCs as you have them now if you boot from local disk.

So actually trying Pluto would only imply to install whole system on Core, MDs can be tested without erasing their disks...

General guidance :
- Pluto Core can host : PVR (mythtv), video surveillance (motion), can also be MD (hybrid) core, etc...

Demands are approx sum of each individual feature...

Sorry cannot help much more - you'll know definite answer when you'll try it....

Are you familiar with Zoneminder ?  I'm helping maintaining motion under Pluto, but am always curious about alternatives .....




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harware help
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2006, 03:13:48 pm »
thanks for the info.
I am mainly just worried the amd 64 3000+ might not be enough cpu to handle multiple streams + security cams + x10 + PVR + Voip.
I am in the process of selling some of my current components on ebay so I can purchase some stuff I am missing for Pluto.(stuff I had planned on purchasing eventually anyway.
For md's I was not going to go diskless. I was going to use my current pcs.

I was hoping someone would be in a similar boat as far a hardware config and could share their experiences.

I really like zoneminder, but I do not have much experience. It was a bear to setup even on my debian box.