Author Topic: Anybody has success with AverMedia's AverTv PVR 150 Plus ?  (Read 1953 times)


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Anybody has success with AverMedia's AverTv PVR 150 Plus ?
« on: August 12, 2008, 09:37:26 am »
Hi All!

I have the AverTv PVR 150 plus in my machine. The installation of linuxmce was from CD's on preinstalled kubuntu 7.10 (installed with alternate cd, but used live cd for linuxmce installation).

Unfortunatelly, until now, I didn't have success with the card. First, the ivtv was not detecting the card (no support for it, or it could not detect it). A tried on some forums to use ivtv cardtype=16. The mythTv was able to scan the channels, but when running mythfrontend, there was no picture. After about 15-20 seconds the mythTv get back to the main screen. When trying from linuxmce, the linuxmce presented a screen saying, that mythtv has some problem and if I want to restart backend. But nothing helped.

I tried also applications like kdetv, xawtv with no success.

I found on some forum, that there should be ivtv support at least at the bleeding-edge branch of ivtv. I don't know how old the posting was, so it might be that the support is already there. But anyway, I downloaded the bleeding-edge source for ivtv, compiled, installed, restarted and probed the ivtv with cardtype=23 (23 is AverTV PVR 150 Plus in ivtv fr this case). In dmesg everything looked promissing (like with cardtype=16). video0 mpeg, video24 yuv, video32 composite, radio0 etc...

But, the result is still the same. MythTV backend can scan the channels, there are quite lot of them. When the ivtv is missconfigured, the mythtv was not able to scan any channels. I also tried varios settings for cable frequency etc. But this does not seem to be a problem, if mythtv is able to scan for channels. (I'm in europe (Slovakia) with cable provider).

On windows, I had no probled usig the card with gbpvr software, or with included avertv soft.

So, is there anyone who has success with this card?
Does anyone know where could be the problem?

kdetv writes, that there were no cards deceted which can stream. Can it be, that the ivtv driver is still faulty?
Or, can it be that there is some problem with mythbackend communicating with mythtyfrontend?

I haven't tried to record something, I think I will do that to see, if the backend can at least record from the card. If yes, than there is certanly some problem with backend-frontend communication...

Thankx for any advice. I will try.

I really want the linuxmce running in my home, and I would like also to contribute somehow If I can.


PS: My config, is Athlon +2000, kt4av, Ati radeon 9550, AverTv PVR 150, 6TB sata disks (2xraid 5), dvdrw, ati remote wonder 2.
linuxmce hybrid, currently output to dvi (will switch to tv if everything will work..)


   I have managed the card to be at least recognized and the stream can be gathered from the card. I have still some difficulties to correctly tune the card. I have installed bleeding-edge drivers from I have followed their howto for installing the drivers on ubuntu. However, the card, althougth in list, was not recognized. I had to specify the cardtype as well as tuner. Like:

modprobe ivtv cardtype=23 tuner=38

kdetv is failing on the card sometimes. I had to enable v4l plugin instead of v4l2 plugin. After some time my machine freezed (oops, linux?) but this could by my fellow ati video card which had also problems on windows... argh.

I will report any future success here, so that maybe if there is another crazy man with this card...

I have tried it on fresh install of kubuntu 8.04.1. When working, I will have to move it to 7.10 so that linuxmce will not complain.
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