Author Topic: Few general questions about setting up telephony  (Read 15896 times)


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Few general questions about setting up telephony
« on: March 23, 2006, 09:13:01 am »

yesterday I made my telephony setup resemble default settings under Pluto. Although still cannot see custom-app feature on AMP's Incoming call web page - anyone else seeing this problem ?

I'd kindly ask for a bit more info about howto setup telephony features :

1. voicemail goes to 100 voicemail box - but my internal number is 251 ?
It seems that Voicemail is going to 100 inbox by default, but have selected me as user to put voicemail  - can I set this up somewhere ?

2. can priority caller be set for all calls - not per user ?
I'm not sure if I understand how to make certain callers come through even if system is "closed" for all normal users - for instance I want my mum's call to come through generaly - disregarding current settings. It seems, that priority callers can be set per user basis, but if I redirect call to voicemail for Entertainning mode - that call won't come to individual users. I'd like to have feature to specify priority callers also for all incoming calls and additional scenario when it happens (similar like you can do it for users). Maybe I'm missing something ?

3. what is normal/priority caller in Call Routing menu ?
What happens if either of these two calls ?

4. What do Priority Callers mean on menu Priority Caller in relation to Call Routing menu ?
Can we have priority callers for all calls, not just users ? Also not sure how this settings relate to settings in Call routing menu ?

5. What are Callers for me ?

6. I'd like to automatically put Phone book and speedial entries into database (I'd import them from Egroupware - I'm using currently as family groupware app). Where are these entries stored ? Is it enough to put them in database or one has to do anything else ?

Thanks in advance,