Author Topic: Easiest way to update NVIDIA driver on LinuxMCE 710 RC2  (Read 1822 times)


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Easiest way to update NVIDIA driver on LinuxMCE 710 RC2
« on: August 05, 2008, 07:46:30 am »
What is the easiest way to update the driver?  I followed the instructions from the wiki page and i think i did it right but i read in other forums not to allow the nvidia setup to modify certain xconf... files of sorts. 

I'm pretty sure this is a driver issue.  Basically, I get tearing in my live television shows with my Hauupage pvr-150.  In addition, i can't get resolutions of 720p and 1080p even though i used to be able to back with windows vista.

I once went into the admin page and tried to change a video driver there somewhere under media directors which caused my whole linuxmce to bugger up.  It rebooted and never came back. It kept cycling and going back to a screen that said "dcerouter:" and that was it. 

So basically i'm a little afraid of trying anything new because after my first attempts i ended up having to reinstall from scratch again.



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Re: Easiest way to update NVIDIA driver on LinuxMCE 710 RC2
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2008, 11:38:11 am »
Which model Nvidia card do you have?

You say you get tearing with a PRV-150?!? Is it not SD?

If you get a lot of tearing that looks like a Z on the screen, it makes me think you are using UI2 with Alpha Blending.
Try selecting UI2 with Overlay instead, and the tearing will go away.

I have also tried installing the latest Nvidia drivers, and yes X never starts and I have a endless loop.
Depending on which Nvidia Card you have, you should not need to uppgrade you Nvidia driver.
UI2 with Alpha Blending is pretty, but it is unwatchable because of tearing on TV's with the current drivers.
I see no change in the newer Nvidia drivers, that would make the tearing go away.