Author Topic: Unable to install - black screen during boot DVD, unable to cache CD ISO HELP!  (Read 9933 times)


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Hey nxqd,

Have you made any more progress??
Asus m3n78-pro
AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core 2.60 GHz
250 gig sata drive x2
Sata Dvd-rw
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LinuxMCE 7.10 32 bit
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Yes! a little.

I have updated the kernel to the latest version and it now sees my Nvidia AND network card fine. I have lost sound output though... odd.

I am now able to boot into kde from the nvidia, the problem I am having now is that the MCE installer wont cache the Kubuntu disk, I am trying to use the AMD64 version and it wont cache, the MD5 matches fine. I am downloading the x86 version to see if that caches any better...

I'm still at it though ;)


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So here is where I stand.

I have got the machine to see the Nvidia and the NIC with Kubuntu 7.10 (no updates, only compiled new kernel) everything works EXCEPT i cannot cache the Kubuntu installer CD during the CD install of LinuxMCE. I have tried with both a 2x burned CD and the MD5 checked ISO image, no luck. I then tried using the older kernel before updating and this didnt work either. I am not going to try to install via DVD again with the ATI card installed, once the install has finished I will install the nvidia drivers and try again...


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Just curious...

Have you copied the MCE1&2 disks plus the Kubuntu .iso files to your HDD?

If so, what's your Kubuntu cache failure?