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HADesigner Screencasts: Creating the Minimo Skin

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I have started a new skin as a proof of concept: Minimo

This next series of screencasts expands on the original HADesigner Screencasts, which can be viewed here:, and are a pre-requisite to this set of screencasts. So if you haven't, go watch them.

This set of screencasts show how to create a totally new skin with a new layout for LinuxMCE, from the ground up, in all variations.

The list of screencasts: (again, this post will be updated as they are posted.)

I hope you all enjoy it, Let's see some new UI!

This is some really great work Thom - this will definitely pave the way to having more UI options!

In this second installment, we build the first bits of the Main Menu, showing off Arrays, and a small side-line into the relationship between existing designobjs and skins.

The visual results from this, are here:


thank you thom, your screencasts help to understand the DesignObj stuff more and more. :)

It is complex, and the HA Designer is a little bit buggy, nevertheless I now agree, that HA Designer is the way to do the Orbiter stuff. Keep up the good work.

The Third installment deals with corrections in the second installment, particularly in reference to how arrays are built, and positioned. We also go into summary on using graphics without an equivalent name in the Basic skin, and creating elements with variable substitutions in it (the Clock).



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