Author Topic: Black screen with HP Invent with Mvedia Gforce Graphics Card  (Read 1758 times)


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I am using VGA as my connection and can't see the AV wizard. Hahaha, well I am blind so I can't see it anyway, but it doesn't come up as far as I could tell with my limited vision and sighted friends say it doesn't. Kubuntu worked fine. Everything was displayed. I installed from CD.

Now it boots, shows the Kubuntu splash screen and some code and then drops the signal to my monitor and beeps.

I can only get it to work under S-video. I have tried DVI, VGA, and S-video. VGA used to work when I installed Linuxmce under Edubuntu 7.10.

My Video card is a HP pci-e nvidia gforce 7500le Comanche graph.

I am also having trouble with my tuner card. It is a Wintv-hur-1600 74551lf.

Thanks for your help,