Author Topic: Setting all Orbiters to certain screen (incoming doorphone call)  (Read 2254 times)


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Setting all Orbiters to certain screen (incoming doorphone call)
« on: September 04, 2008, 05:11:58 pm »

I'm trying to set up above feature. I'm considering possibilities, but don't have all pieces together - would kindly ask for update :
Option 1: Send Goto Screen command to category of Orbiters with MessageSend utility
 - it seems single view screen is 15, but don't know what are the rest of needed parameters (I tried to set ID as ID of camera device, but it doesn't work - Orbiter switches to single cam view, but no snapshot is shown...

Option 2:Create Scenario and send "Goto Screen" command from Advanced Scenario Wizard - but I'm not sure how to make broadcast message - can send to certain ID to reach all ORbiters or can I provide list of Orbiter devices, ... ? I'm also not sure if I can enter this in advanced scenario form...

Option 3: Tschak mentioned in other thread that doorphone needs to be connected as extension 996 (I guess then proper event is triggered "someone is at the front door" and above scenario can be triggered... Can I find more info about purpose of 996 extension ?

There is also additional problem, cause OnScreen Orbiters will switch to incoming call screen - which one takes over in that case, when Orbiter receives two Goto Screen commands - the last one?

I guess ultimate solution would be to have ability to show certain camera device on incoming call screen if it comes from doorphone (996).... Is this how it was meant at the first place ?

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