Author Topic: few structural questions - setting up new house for Pluto  (Read 2096 times)


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few structural questions - setting up new house for Pluto
« on: December 13, 2005, 09:33:58 am »

I'm slowly preparing installations in new house to be able to use Pluto in it... I'd like to use 2-3 bluetooth dongles for detecting arrive/leave of users and maybe give them few bluetooth hot spots in house to control it.

I know that recommended use is to have one bluetooth dongle on one MD. But I'd like to use 2-3 of them, but from core, and placing them in each separate room. I thought of putting them in reception room (near the entrance ) for identifying incoming/leaving users and have hotspot in living room and another one in first floor. Can I do that ?

This problem seems similar to desire of having multiple Xine players on caore, outputting each to separate room... and it seems that this desire will come up (at least in my case) for some other devices too (to have one device running on one machine and being physically present in another room)...

Any plan to deal with that and any other device, how would one setup new house for maximal use of Pluto features (but as I wish, not running full set of MDs for each room all the time...)..

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