Author Topic: Can Anyone Recommend a good Motherboard which works with 710RC2  (Read 2017 times)


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We are (attempting to) build a Linux MCE 710 RC2 core / hybrid - Using a Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H motherboard with ASUS 8600GT 512MB NViDia Graphics card, 2 x 500GB SATA II drives, Blu Ray Reader & 2GB 1066 RAM with AMD Phenom Qaud Core CPU. When trying to intsall MCE 0710 RC2 32 or 64 bit it seeks out the floppy drive and there it remains - installation stops there - has anyone had this issue with this motherboard or any other? Can anyone recommend a motherboard with 8 channel sound codecs  / AMD Phenom Qud compliant that works straight up? I am not even certain it is the motherboard - could be an Ubuntu kernel issue perhaps (????) I was told ASUS is the way to go but I am installing this into a FUSION case which requires mATX - not fussed about the case and will happily switch to any motherboard - full ATX that works.

HELP Needed. I am a newbie but want to learn.



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Re: Can Anyone Recommend a good Motherboard which works with 710RC2
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2008, 05:42:02 am »
Hey Mario,

Still having troubles with the blaqbox eh?  ;)

it can be hard trying to find the right hardware when alot of the tested hardware is superseded, and I'm not really going to be much help here, however...

I  ended up using an ASUS P5K Pro (full ATX 775 chipset). It is a Crossfire MOBO so that part of it is kinda wasted, however the onboard sound works well and have had no other problems.

I expect though you're after a MOBO with integrated HDMI our onboard video? Not sure about this. I tried the Asus P5E-VM HDMI motherboard at one point, thinking the G35 onboard video would work - however it turns out that although linux drivers are around for the X3100, the latest X3500 integrated video doesn't currently work (or at least not for me).

Might be easier just to get a separate video card and and decent MOBO with supported audio...?

Sorry I'm not much help.


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