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Hardware Requirements
« on: April 21, 2008, 07:56:21 am »
Hi there,

I like to build up a MCE System. I like to do following thinks:

1. Stream TV or recorded movies or DVDs in 3 rooms + record a program at the same time.
2. Stream music recorded, radio or CDs also at the same time to 2 or 3 rooms.
(3. Later I like to integrate a VoIP-System)

But I am not sure what hardware I need therefor.

I have a PIII 800 MHZ CPU with 1 GB Ram. On the system is Linux MCE already installed and running with the Basic UI. And works properly. Would it be enough for my core server?

Otherwise I am going to buy for the coreserver a

P4 2,4 MHZ CPU
2 GB Ram
500 GB HDD

that should be enough for my usage. But now I have some questions.

I am not really sure which graphic card for the core? My question is, if the core graphic card build the picture on the TV screens or the thin client. And do I need also a sound card or are those both only to be in the MDs. Is the UI constrained to the graphic card in my core server or in the MD? I like to use the UI2 mode.

And can I plug-in the Digital Satellite Card into the core and which Digital Satellite Card is the best for my configuration? In relation from price to usage.

Thanks for your answers.