Author Topic: A couple off problems with i386 and AMD64 bit version and Reboot/Halt Poweroff  (Read 1705 times)


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Hi all,

I'm trying to install the amd64 bit version on a Hyperthreading machine from HP a Dc7600 with a pvr-500 in it because i have a lot off problems with my hardware with the i386 version of a diffrent hp machine a d530 sff with a pvr-500 in it. The problem is now that the installation went fine but when i went through the whole installation and setup and when i was fineshed i halted the machine the stranged thing was that the machine didn't halted but rebooted <--> that is one, ---> two is that when i put in my pvr-500 in a free pci slot, i turned on my machine and he booted into kubuntu splash screen for 1/3 the way a freezed. MMhh i thought lets try the other pci slot mmmh same problem, took the card out booted up and everything fine, before everybody is going to tell me that my card is broken, no that is not the problem a have two of these pvr-500, and with mythbuntu everything is running fine, ps i turned off I/O for APIC MODe also off in the bios, tried to upgrade the bios and downgraded into diffrent version but no luck and no diffrence. This same machine is running the amd64 and the i386 from mythbuntu very fine, what could the problem be and what is this with the poweroff/ halt reboot thing, this i already had on the i386 version cd and dvd and on diffrent hardware.