Author Topic: AVWizard - Starting it - HOWTO?  (Read 2014 times)


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AVWizard - Starting it - HOWTO?
« on: March 16, 2008, 09:49:57 am »
Hi folks,

Still struggling to get this LMCE to life....
It seems my VGA settings are cluttered somewhere.

My system has nvidia NX8600GT inside. (twin monitor)
I did a fresh install of LMCE with all the settings to default. (even added 2nd NIC)
Someway I always manage to get visual contact with my system, but someway settings have changed and I don't know why or how / where to influence them.

1. Once I had LMCE Launch Manager showing first, then later it switched to LMCE
2. In the beginning I had the typical Kubuntu login screen, user / pwd. It doesn't come up anymore...
3. On an other boot, upon entering KDE, I had 6 desktops.
4. On yet another boot, I have 4 desktops.
5. Now, finally, the only way I can get visual contact is by Alt-F2 ing into CLI, and do startx

How can I get this straightened out??
It seems there is an AVWizard - but I cannot get to it... Surely there must be a command to call it from CLI??

-> Okay this one I found: /usr/pluto/bin/AVWizard

It seems there is an awfull lot of information in the wiki. Only I can not find a full content listing? Do I have to register?
Most of the time I find stuff by just plain googling and then I drop onto the wiki... One should at least be able to find things from wihtin the wiki, shouldn't one??

Thanks for your efforts!!
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Re: AVWizard - Starting it - HOWTO?
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2008, 02:54:43 pm »
take a look here.

 or here

as far as the wiki goes, if you want to see all of the pages

otherwise to use the Search box.