Author Topic: dreambox 500?  (Read 1890 times)


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dreambox 500?
« on: March 13, 2008, 01:58:50 am »
hi there!
hi all!
I have a dreambox (running enigma I believe)
now I would love to connect it to the core :)
but NOT using a capture card :)
rather TCP/IP!
ideally using the network to stream the video from the box to the core and using the same path for control :)
(don't want much do I lol!!)
it can all be done in the web interface in enigma so I would imagine it must be possible (but well beyond my abilities) to sort
anyone have any thoughts?
that would be the holly grail for me :)
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Re: dreambox 500?
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2008, 08:22:27 am »
My best advice for this as I have spent some time on this topic is to give up now.

There is a plugin for dreambox in mytytv but this was never finished and the developer working on it is long gone. I have had numerous discussions about this on the mythtv board and they have no interest in continuing the work.

What kind of dreambox is this? Is it a DVB-C or DVB-S version. What part of the world do you hail from?