Author Topic: FirstPost: Support for DVB-S2 cards w/ CI (Dreambox DM 800* HD functionality)  (Read 3022 times)


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Since this is my first post here, a big Hello to you all  ;D

Second, I realize that this post might be more relevant on a LinuxTV mailing list (like "linux-dvb") or MythTV but anyway, here it comes:

I'm considering on pulling the trigger on a readily build system with linuxMCE (lack of time for building my own). The only showstopper is that I would need that box to function _seamlessly_ as a HD satellite decoder / PVR -- like e.g. Kathrein 910, IPbox 9000 HD or the (upcomming) Dreambox DM 8000 HD. The problem is that, AFAICT, there seem to be no LinuxTV/kernel support for DVB-S2 cards, nor is there a DVB-S2 card with CI interface  that is fully functioning (I need that for my current subscription to Conax encrypted channels)

My questions:

- Did anyone get attempted to get a setup like this going? If so, to what extent ?
- What is the status of DVB-S2 cards in LinuxMCE ? IOW how far behind (rate of adoption) of LinuxTV drivers/code in LinuxMCE ? Any plans in that respect  ?
- If I backtrack and aim "only" for DVB-S cards (i.e. no HD channels), how extensive is that functionality tested (integration, card servers, soft cams, etc.) ? Did anyone tested interop btw. LinuxMCE w add-on software like card servers / softcams with Dreambox software ?

TIA for any answers / pointers,



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I have gotten my DVB-S2 card up and running in LinuxMCE but not like I want it to be...

I have a Hauppauge HVR4000 that does work in LinuxMCE but I have only used DVB-S in MythTV.

As for Conax I have sucsessfully used SASC-NG as a client to a Newcs server with my Conax subcription.
This was not in MythTV but in Kaffeine (in the LinuxMCE Kubuntu desktop). (Sasc-ng runs in MythTV I have just not tried.)

VDR seems promesing and even thoug it does not support DVB-S2 in the current integration, it does support DVB-S2 in newer betas, and I have read forums where HVR4000 have been set up in VDR with Conax and DVB-S2 sucsessfully.

As for support of DVB drivers in LinuxMCE, I can say that if it is supported in Linux it is supported in LinuxMCE.

I am currently using Terratec Cinergy C PCI in VDR, and I am trying to set it up with Sasc-ng. Since I do not have my Sat cable in my office (Where my core is) and VDR only supports having dvb cards in the Core I have put the DVB-S/DVB-S2 part on hold. For now I'm using my dreambox for that ;)


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After quite some delay, many thanks for your reply.

It took so long since I had to do some reading and browsing myself :)

If going by some posts (e.g. a german VDR forum) it is possible to get the Hauppage HVR4000 going with VDR and xine-lib, etc. According to those posts the setup was perceived as being "livingroom ready".

Still, the procedure seemed a bit tedious and "not there yet" (quite a bit beta code, patching etc.). And no word of encryption (e.g. Conax), integrating softcams (sasc-ng) or interop with cardservers (e.g. newcs).

If this can be done in LinuxMCE is entire different story, and wait for others to comment (or better: report success) on it.

And yes, VDR does look slick :)

Thanks again for your input.

P.S. OTOH maybe another way to "get there" is to just wait for the "holy grail" of DM-800/8000 HD, plug in an external USB DVD drive and that would be (almost) it.