Author Topic: Changed Core IP now md wont boot  (Read 1945 times)


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Changed Core IP now md wont boot
« on: February 09, 2008, 01:04:02 am »
 >:( This is driving me crazy i changed the internal ip of my core and now my md wont boot but if i change my core internal ip back to the old the md will boot.

After changing the ip in the core i removed all refrence to my md from the director panel and the orbiter panel and removed the folder under diskless boot as so the core will find it as new, and yes dhcp is working i recieve valid ips for my laptops.  Is there a .sh file that didnt get changed when i changed the ip or a parameter somewhere ? any help would be appreciated.

Fixed the problem
Had to hard code the new cores ip address in the and the for it to work and it did  :-\ thats ashame cuz you shouldnt have too
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