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Black screen after installation is finished

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dan g:
I've seen that reported few times, and because it's not an issue I post this sticky topic:

After rebooting the computer the AV wizard starts. If you don't have VGA connector (if you use DVI (or HDMI), S-video, composite, or component) you get a "Black screen". Please read the whole page (if new linuxmce user) and specially Section II.

Section II

Another method to choose the resolutions and the connector is by pressing some keyboard keys. By default, the AV Wizard has the resolution 640x480 on VGA. To choose the connector you have to press the keys from 1 to 5 (1=DVI, 2=VGA, 3=Component, 4=Composite, 5=S-Video). To choose a resolution you have to press the keys from 6 to 0 (6=640x480, 7=1024x768, 8=720p, 9=1080i, 0=1080p). For choosing the resolution and connector you have to be in the initial screen of AV Wizard.

I'm very new in all this linux stuff, I've seen the linuxmce demo video and was amazed by all the features.

So I went into my computer store and bought some stuff:

It's an Intel DualCore 2GHz with an Nvidia MSI 8600 graphic card.

The Installation by dvd was perfect until the reboot. The screen went blank and that was it. So I check here and wrote that it could be the screen resolution by DVI or Svideo. But I connected my monitor via VGA, so that's tnot the problem.

Is there any way to get this going? Like CD Installation or anything?

Eager to hear some tipps.


I get a black screen on reboot directly after the grub-message. Changing the output by pressing 1-5 makes my pc just beep... I tried with composite and svga.

I use 7.10 beta 4 and have a Asus M2a-VM HDMI-Board.



This helped me:

I still dont get the splashscreen and i cant see the virtual COnsoles using Strg+F?.


Not seeing the Splash screen and long boot up times is an issue with Kubuntu 7.10 for some people. If anyone is experiencing long boot up times and missing the splash screen, see this post:



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