Author Topic: Myth and DiSEqC Settings with Quad-LNB and DiSEqC 1.0  (Read 3262 times)


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Myth and DiSEqC Settings with Quad-LNB and DiSEqC 1.0
« on: January 08, 2008, 01:06:47 am »
Hi @ all,

1st. sorry about my bad english!

 I need help to get myth to work with my SAT-Equipment.

Quad-LNB with DiSEqC 1.0 multiswitch

Pinnacle PCTV-SAT (running under MS is ok)
Hauppauge NOVA-SE seems to have a bug so the firmware must be patched.....

But in the moment the PCTV SAT is in my Antec-Case (Does anybody how to configure the iMON/VFD to use it with my pronto ru 940 to switch LMCE on/off)

Don't know the settings in the DiSEqC section of the dvb-card. Either the switch and the LNB-Settings

Here my setting of my PVR (Topfield TF5000PVR Masterpiece)

    LNB setting/Einstellung:

    Name des Satelliten         ASTRA
    Tuner Auswahl (Topfield)    2
    Verbindungsart           Einzeln (da 4 Kabel vom Multiswitch 2 zum Topfield)
    LNB Frequenz           9750/10600
    LNB Spannung          on/An
    22 kHz Schalter           off/Aus
    DiSEqC 1.1                off/Ausschalten
    DiSEqC 1.0                1 of 4

    Tuner 1                              Hotbird:   10719 / V / 27500
    Tuner 2                              ASTRA:          10788 / V / 22000

Tried the cable with a dbox2 ant Topfield -> ok.

Anyone who has a configuration like mine who can help?

Or ist it better to wait for 710 with vdr?



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Re: Myth and DiSEqC Settings with Quad-LNB and DiSEqC 1.0
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2008, 05:34:33 pm »
I think it's better to wait for VDR when using DVB-S.

As for switching on the PC with your Pronto is easy... Just program the power button from you imon pad on the pronto and you can turn you PC on... Off is not that easy...

The imon VFD came with a remote called imon pad, and that remote is covered in the wiki:

After getting your imon pad to work in LinuxMCE you can learn it on your pronto.


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Re: Myth and DiSEqC Settings with Quad-LNB and DiSEqC 1.0
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2008, 08:07:50 pm »
honestly, i find the concept of using something like a Pronto or Harmony to control things when you have LMCE a wee bit backwards and kludgy.



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Re: Myth and DiSEqC Settings with Quad-LNB and DiSEqC 1.0
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2008, 09:41:37 pm »
The prob of myth is, there is no way turn on the LNB-Voltage.
If my Topfield is turned off, myth get no channel. Is it on some were found.In vdr the DiSEqC-settings could be edit, nut in myth i found none.

I'll wait for 710 official beta1, which is here announced.

LMCE is a great project!!!

It could be (called in german), "Die eierlegende Wollmilchsau".

The Guys do a great job!!!

But all Step by Step

In the moment i have use it for my analog TV (Loewe), AMP (Yamaha), DVD (Panasonic) and PVR (Topfield*). My wife wants to use the things too, also i made the scrips on the Pronto. So she can use it with 4 fingertips.

 * Topfield is here in Germany the best SAT-PVR to get for money. The new model TF7700PVR has 2 DVB-S2 Inputs and a HDD up to 750GB. In the future the software should stream the contend of the HDD in the network.

For my testsystem i have an Antec Fusion Black 430 with the imon VFD.
Would be nice to have a "step by step" HowTo, because my knowlegde of linux is very, very small.

In the moment i use it only for my ripped DVD's on my THECUS 5200 Pro.

To use it for audio, like mp3's in the moment it's impossible. I have all my mp3's with full ID2-Tag (v2.3) incl. the covers (front, back, media), but LMCE isn't able to sort it like iTunes or so. LMCE don't get the first Cover (description in TAG for FRONT). LMCE isn't able to get only the front cover, when in the TAG were more than one. LMCE don't use the Track-No in ID3-Tags to sort them.

I think this will be solved in the future

Here in Germany is only MERTEN, who offers Z-Wave Products. But in the german LMCE-Forum was a topic, that the code in LMCE and the new Z-Wave Products must be made new. To test it in the moment it's too expensive (got time).