Author Topic: Manual database modifications needed to have DVB-C running in Myth  (Read 1989 times)


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just to inform fellow ppls using MythTV with DVB-C:

1) follow instructions at
  (using '394000000' as frequency worked for me)

2) install phpmyadmin or work with "mysql" client to change
wrongly set settings:
 2.1) set symbolrate for all entries in dtv_multiplex to
 2.2) Check frequency of every entry. Sometimes the value
 has be multiplied by 10. (eg 394000000)
 2.3) Set the mplex_id in table channel to match to the
 correct mplex_id used in table dtv_multiplex.

3) Restart backend (do not know if this is really needed)

4) use orbiter->TV and check the hopefully now working channels.

Side note:
I am using 0710 beta2. MythTV is stil freezing a few seconds
after viewing a channel. A fix for this will come in release
0804 which is too far in the future for me (see ).

I will see if i can get vdr running with help of other ppls. If
someone knows details about the setup i would be grateful.
Or if the developers would like to have help (i know how to
code and/or can test), contact me.