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How do,

I've been watching the forums for a while and I've seen feature requests for a mobile java orbiter appear every so often, with the occasional 'Yes, that sounds great, I'll get on it!'  Does anyone know if this is in progress?

I'm a very experienced java dev, including j2me, and I'd be happy to help with the effort, or start the effort if it's dead at the mo.

I'm a bit hazy about the remote orbiter architecture, and my C/C++ is decidedly ropey, so I can start to do this if someone is willing to give me a few pointers . .



I have not seen any ref to anyone actually developing a j2me orbiter, so I should you should just go ahead and do it!

Sounds like a great idea, I would most likely use it. I wonder how capable j2me is though in the multimedia department... I guess with modern phones it shouldn't be a problem.

The mobile orbiter is a big project. I committed to pay an Indian developer with Symbian experience to port the mobile orbiter to Symbian series 3 and after 6 months he petered out. It was too much for him. The Pluto guys can give a lot of help in what is required and how it works.

The biggest problem is that the Orbiter is based on moving graphics across to the device. OK across a network. Lousy with bluetooth and not good over gprs.

However I'm ready to support such an effort. I bought on Nokia e50 I'll never see again for this so I'm serious about my support.


The easiest approach would be to mimick the Symbian mobile orbiter code. This basically has the orbiter running on the CORE and effectively a proxy running on the mobile device. Communication between the two is through a Bluetooth channel that effectively is just a smart socket type interface.
I think the first step would be to replicate the BD library that is in the code using Java (JSR-82 support would be needed).
Once that is done then the orbiter functionality that runs on the mobile device is quite simplistic and should be limited to buttons and bitmap displaying.

I started to look at it at one stage but gave up because all the mobiles I have access to did not have JSR-82 support which I would consider critical.

I didn't think that the mobile orbiter moved graphics across at runtime. I thought all the designer objects were rendered for the device and put into the .sis file. The runtime bluetooth communications seemed to be limited to COMMAND replication. I could be wrong though.


I was told that the limited memory of the cell phones required some graphics to be passed over the network. Some are cached but not all. And an Orbiter rebuild would require updated graphics to be sent to the phone. A more efficient solution would be nice for all of the Orbiters actually.


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