Author Topic: bad audio quality on MD  (Read 6529 times)


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Re: bad audio quality on MD
« Reply #15 on: December 15, 2007, 12:35:07 am »
1. I took a usb pen, copied some mp3 over it and plugged into MD. then managed to play mp3 from usb pen, with same bad quality.

This proves that network transfers are not implied in this issue, as I get the same result playing network files and local files.

If you plug any drive into a MD the file goes to the core thru the network and then back to the MD thru the network to be played.  What you have done is confirm it is not a MD hardware issue but your network and or core could be the problem.

I'm afraid that is a misconception!!!

If you attach any kind of USB based storage to a USB port on your PXE booted MD then that storage is accessed directly by the local hardware. All PXE booting does is use the Core's storage resources as a remote HD and the local MD boots from it - thats it. Local storage is accessed locally... unless you copy something stored locally to the MD's boot partition or to /home/public/data/... etc

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