Author Topic: Change to "dedicated LinuxMCE" from "Primarily used as a PC" after installation  (Read 2578 times)


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I just finished the LMCE installation (CD installation, KUBUNTU first and next 2 MCE CDs).
I chose “Primarily used as a PC- you can start LMCE manually when you need it” and not  “dedicated LinuxMCE”.
After I tested it – I decided to move this PC to Home Theater room and use it as HTPC.
I want to swith to “dedicated LinuxMCE”. I mean – it should boot directly to LinuxMCE.
Is that possible to reconfigure it rather than re-install?
Can somebody help?
It took the whole day to coonfigure the LMCE, I have a RAID and other non-standard equipment.



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Hello. I have the same issue. Where's the setting to change this?

Also installed LMCE 0704 from CD

Found solution here:
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