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X10 capable product similar to GC100



I'm using X10 products in my home and was wondering if anybody knew of an X10 product (particularly a 240v one) that performs the same function as the GC100.

ie. I'm looking for something that can respond to an X10 command and then emit IR codes to my Hifi components as part of scene creating.

I know that Adicon have an IR emitter that links to their Ocelot and Leopard iterfaces, but they're rather expensive here.


no, I do not think it is possible to send infrared codes using the regular x10 protocol.  x10 is very slow,it takes almost a second just to send a few bytes to turn on and off a light switch, and an infrared code can be quite long.  So to my knowledge the standard X10 protocol is not used for anything other than turning on and off for dimming devices.  there may be other power line or wireless infrared but I'm not aware of them.  We are right now working on a module for IRTrans and also Tira, both of which are low cost USB infrared receivers/transmitters.  They do not have the same functionality, though, as the GC 100

I'm using an Ocelot from APPDIG to send IR code to all my equipment and it works well. It answers to X10 commands catched by a CM11a that would tell my HA (housebot) soft to send the IR codes throw the ocelot. I'm considering moving all this stuff to Pluto as the reading of this site give me so many ideas !!!
the ocelot is a great rs232 device ... do you thing I could use it to manage my iR issues using pluto or do I have to consider moving to a GC100 (And beleive me, finding all these pieces of hardware in France  is quite a big issue !!!!)
by the way : what a great site !!! thanks !

Using the Ocelot is no problem.  You can do it as a c++ module, or use our GSD device to do it without programming.  Let us know if you need help--Pluto has a remote assistance feature that lets our programmers work with you remotely.


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