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Myth TV Setup
« on: July 31, 2007, 09:07:48 am »
Hey, so I'm a novice to LinuxMCE and im setting it up for the first time.

I want to integrate my TV and LinuxMCE and set up a "DVR" with guide and everything. I own a tv tuner, but it is very basic (Hauppage WinTV Go Plus, as i recall, is the model name). I have a subscription to Dish Network - the satellite carries the signal to my satellite receiver, which outputs the channels and menu to channel 3.

I year or two ago, before my linux days had arisen, i used this tv tuner with windows. the way i set it up was, instead of having the satellite receiver send the signal to my TV on channel 3, i hooked it up to my tv tuner, which received the signal on channel three. this worked, however, the problem was that i only had 1 channel - channel 3. if i wanted to change channels i had to use the satellite receiver's remote, not the TV tuner remote.

This setup was not that bad, the main drawback was that the satellite guide wasn't integrated into my tv tuner guide. So, say i was leaving for the day, but i wanted to record something on channel 120 (history channel) at 3 PM, i would have to make sure my receiver was on channel 120, because my TV tuner would only sense a channel 3, and would record whatever came on channel 3, even if my receiver might have been left on channel 58.

So, my question is, does LinuxMCE's myth tv know that i am using a satellite receiver, and will then integrate my receiver's guide into MCE? or is it a problem with my TV tuner, because the TV tuner doesnt know that im running a satellite signal? Do i have to get a TV tuner that can support dish network's program guide? thanks for the help - ohnonomiss


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Re: Myth TV Setup
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2007, 11:09:34 pm »
Yes it's possible.

Zap2it labs (one of the guide sources for MythTV) supports satellite guide listings, so that shouldn't be a problem.  There 3 different ways to change channels on a set top box: IR, serial port, and USB.  DishNetwork receivers are notorious for not having serial ports, so you'll probably need an IR blaster.  You may have gotten one with your WinTV Card (not sure if it's supported in Linux).  The trick will be to learn the IR codes so that Myth can control it properly.  Do a google search on your receiver model and MythTV.