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is linuxmce still on freenode?

I am currently not on Freenode, but if you have any questions, feel free to state them here.

i got 16.04 installed and it is dirty it to work as a core and md. but ran into 1 problem that is with asterisk it ..ERROR 1054(42S22) Unknown column ‘password’ in ‘field list’
still trying to fix that.

Check what asterisk version is installed. I am (on 1404) the asterisk version 11.

Also, I have a mix of Ubuntu versions. My MD is running 1604, but the core stays at 1404 aka never-touch-a-running-system

--- Code: ---dcerouter_112602:~# uptime
 19:11:23 up 515 days, 23:03,  1 user,  load average: 0,86, 0,94, 0,90

--- End code ---

Had to reboot for an additional disk...  8)

i see , on 16.04 uses asterisk 13 and issues is no longer uses password. mysql 5.7 uses authentication_string instead of password. so asterisk will need to be configure that way.


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