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Re: disk md
« Reply #15 on: October 20, 2018, 04:08:06 am »
And yes, please make a new page!

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Re: disk md
« Reply #16 on: October 27, 2018, 03:35:30 pm »
Yes a few things have changed from under, I should be careful because saying easy fix nearly always ends up a lot of workarounds.

The network setting not being in /etc/network/interfaces is a quick fix on the MD really, just 2 lines in the file. Though doing this for a lot of MD is impractical IMHO. Looking at the problem for a little while, I think it could be patched in the because there should be a network up when the package is installed, so inserting the interface for the currently default route is one way to work around it.

Not had a chance to look at the firstboot scripts in length yet, I assume they are for when the machine boots next and doing the setup for the MD.  On the next boot the network has gone so I assume postinst is the only place to do it, even though it feels like a bit of a hack.

I have a patch to do this in the postinst anyway but not tested it yet, going off topic here my time has been spent working on some extra build scripts for LinuxMCE to provision a bare machine into a LinuxMCE development environment and produce various container/vm images. I did this so allows me to test the current patches I have submitted and try to start developing some features I would like to have, ok dreaming a lot here :)

I nearly didn't see the post on the next page about a new wiki page but I started on one locally anyway, the workarounds for network maybe should have a new ticket on gitlab rather than being in the wiki if this can be fixed in the code, I don't mind doing both.

Thanks for support.